Diecast Car Models

Diecast; is a modeling branch that gives great importance to details and material quality. In fact, die-cast is a concept known in the world for a long time. Die-cast, which is a kind of metallic alloy; consists of a mixture of Zinc and Aluminum. Another name for this mixture is “ZAMAK”. So the combination of “Zinc” and “Aluminum” …

Car Kit Models

Top 10 Car Kit Models

The Hobby Zero review team has prepared a review for you under the title of Top 10 Car Kit Models. We hope you like the models we chose. We enjoyed it very much while studying. You will like preliminary information for the Diecast models that you intend to...

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Diecast Models Scale Table

Diecast car brands

If we list the most demanding and popular diecast car brands in the World Market today, we can give you a ranking like this: Best diecast car brands • Bburago: A brand called the king of the Diecast model world. It produces in the middle-lower class...

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