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Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister Tamiya Review

Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister Tamiya Review

Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister Tamiya Review

Tamiya | No. 24328 | 1:24

Original: In the 1970s, the world championship for production cars fought with Formula 1 for popularity, but the organizer, the FIA, was confronted with declining starting fields during the oil crisis. This ultimately led to changes in the regulations in 1976. As a result, Group 5, which was advertised for production vehicles with extreme changes, became the class in the World Championship for production vehicles.

At the same time, Group 6 was held as part of the World SportsCar Championship. In addition, the minimum number of vehicles produced for homologation in Group 4 was reduced from 500 vehicles in 12 consecutive months to 400 vehicles in 24 months. The intention behind this was to enable more manufacturers to participate in this class.

Porsche quickly adapted to these changes in the regulations and presented the 935 and 936 for use in Group 5 and Group 6, respectively. In addition, Porsche developed the Turbo RSR, also known as 934 Racing, for Group 4 of the GT class. The 934 and 935 were based on the first turbocharged vehicle from Porsche, the 911 Turbo.

The vehicle was first presented as the 930 Turbo at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1973 and production began in 1975. The 930 Turbo was originally developed as a road racing vehicle, while its side view did not differ significantly from the 911, it also had a large front and rear spoiler and a large wing on the hood.

The 2994ccm 6-cylinder boxer engine with turbocharging installed at the rear developed 260hp, which made it the most powerful production vehicle of the time. The 934 was based on the 930 Turbo and was equipped with a larger turbocharger, a water-cooled intercooler, and a K-Jetronic injection system.

In addition, the engine was installed under a horizontal cooling fan, which, as with the 917 and 908, provided optimal cooling. Thanks to these changes, the engine output was increased from 260hp to 485hp and the torque was almost doubled from 35kgm to 62kgm.

The vehicle had an independent wheel suspension with torsion bars, mounted in plastic bushings, struts, adjustable front, and rear stabilizers, and internally ventilated brake discs with aluminum brake calipers. The flat body had enlarged bumpers and a large front spoiler with air inlets for the oil cooler in the middle and for the intercooler on the left and right, as well as round inlets for the brake cooling.

Among the Turbo RSR Type 934 which dominated the races around the world were two vehicles in bright orange. These vehicles were used by the Max Moritz team which was sponsored by the German liqueur manufacturer Jägermeister.

After a successful season in the German circuit championship with a result in the first two places at the Nürburgring, the team started in round 4 of the Nürburgring 100km race for the world championship for production vehicles.

The vehicles showed outstanding performance, with vehicle No. 24 leaving the Porsche 935 behind and finishing third in its class, while vehicle No. 25 even outperformed its team partner and won its class. At the same time, this vehicle came third in the overall ranking.

1976 goes down in history as one of the best years for Porsche racing cars: They outclassed their competitors and won the world championship for production cars with the 935, the world championship for sports cars with the 936, and both the European GT Championship and the German sports car championship the 934.

Model Kit: For a long time, the model fan base wanted a coherent Porsche Turbo RSR 934. Now Tamiya is fulfilling this wish on a 1:24 scale. So far there has only been one, unfortunately no longer commercially available, older kit from ESCI.

The new TAMIYA kit presents itself in the usual good quality. Even if it is unfortunately only a curbside kit, all important details are present. An additional upgrade of the model is achieved by the included etched parts. The fans of slot cars will certainly be pleased that a Porsche RSR 934 Turbo is available again.

The kit contains a small sheet of photo-etched parts, 4 profile-less soft vinyl tires and 4 poly caps, pre-cut metal stickers, excellent decals (water-based), the body, and 4 plastic sprues in black, orange, chrome, and clear.

Even if there is only one Motor Relief, it is sufficient later if the vehicle is viewed from below. All the important units are present, especially since the bonnet cannot be opened anyway.

Tamiya moves with the times and includes the necessary etched parts for the air inlets in the body, the pedals in the interior, and some small parts with the new kit.

Based on the 8-page, as always very detailed assembly instructions, there shouldn’t be any major problems during assembly. All necessary color information (based on TAMIYA colors) is included in the assembly instructions. The only possible body color for the Jägermeister team is orange, the image of the cover image is very helpful as always.

Available in many stores and online at

Kit: Tamiya 300024328 1: 24 Porsche 934 Jagermeister
Scale: 1/24
Price: $38.62
Manufacturer: Tamiya

Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister Tamiya Review
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Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister-5
Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister-6
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