Figure Model Kits

Figure Model Kits: The Next Big Thing?

Figure Model Kits: The Next Big Thing?

In the world of hobbies, model kits have been around for a long time. But what if there was a new type of model kit that was taking the hobby world by storm? Figure model kits are the next big thing in the world of hobbies!

These kits are different than your average model kit, as they focus on figures instead of buildings or vehicles. This means that you can build a whole scene with your figure model kit, and the possibilities are endless!

What are figure model kits?

A figure model kit is a plastic or resin model of an anime, video game, or movie character. Figure model kits are also known as action figure models or action figures. These kits usually come unassembled and must be put together by the collector. Many times, the parts must be painted to look like the character.

There are many different types of figure model kits available. The most common type is the plastic figure model kit. These are made from injection-molded polystyrene plastic and are snap-together kits that do not need glue or painting. But, some higher-end plastic kits may need both glue and painting.

Another type of figure model kit is the resin figure model kit. These are made from polyurethane resin and need both glue and painting.

History of figure model kits:

The first figure model kit is thought to have been created in the 1960s by a company called Aurora. They produced kits of famous monsters which were popular at the time such as Frankenstein and Dracula. These kits were made of plastic and required assembly.

In the 1970s, Japanese companies began producing figure models based on popular manga and anime characters. These figures were usually made of resin and required more detailed painting than the plastic kits. They also became popular outside of Japan.

Today, there are many different types of figure models available, from mass-produced plastic kits to high-end resin figures. Whether you’re a casual collector or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s a figure model out there for you.

Types of figure model kits:

As a figure model kit enthusiast, you may be wondering about the different types of kits available. resin, Plastic, Gundam, Character, Fantasy, and Aurora are all popular types of figure model kits.

Figure models can be divided into two main categories: static and poseable. Static figure models are those that cannot be posed or repositioned once they are assembled. Poseable figure models have articulated joints that allow them to be posed in a variety of positions.

Plastic figure kit

The most popular type of figure model kit is the plastic figure kit. These kits are made of injection-molded plastic and need no painting or assembly other than attaching the parts together.

Resin figure

Resin figure model kits are made from hard plastic that is durable and easy to work with. These kits usually need more advanced modeling skills and are often more expensive than other types of figure model kits.

Gundam figure

Gundam figure model kits are based on the popular Japanese anime series. These kits usually have detailed parts and need advanced modeling skills. They can be found online or at specialty toy stores.
Bandai is the most popular company for Gundam figure model kits. Their products are high quality and often expensive. Prices for a single kit can range from $20 to $200.

There are many different types of Gundam action figures available, from small robots to large statues. Some are poseable and come with accessories, while others are meant to be displayed on a shelf.


Character figure

Character figure model kits are based on characters from movies, TV shows, or video games. These kits tend to be less expensive than other types of figure model kits and are perfect for beginners.

With the ever-growing popularity of movies, TV shows, and video games, it’s no surprise that character figure model kits are becoming popular as well.
These kits allow fans to enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way, by creating detailed replicas that they can display in their homes or offices.
Character figure model kits come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so there’s sure to be one to suit every fan’s taste. Whether you’re looking for an anime-style character figure or a more realistic replica of your favorite movie or TV character, there’s definitely a kit out there for you.

Not only are these model kits great for fans who want to display their love for their favorite characters, but they’re also perfect for those who enjoy drawing or painting.


Fantasy figure

Fantasy action figure model kits are based on mythical creatures or imaginary beings and usually come unassembled and unpainted. They are made of plastic, resin, metal, or a combination of materials.
These kits need assembly and painting, but the finished product is a high-quality fantasy miniature that can be used in tabletop games or displayed as a piece of art.
Most fantasy figure model kits are in the 28mm scale, which means that one inch on the figure represents 28mm, or about 1/56th, of an inch in real life. This scale is popular because it allows for a lot of detail in the figures while still being small enough to fit on most gaming tables.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which fantasy figure model kit to buy.


Action figures

Action figures are usually made of plastic and are designed to be played with. They are often based on characters from movies, TV shows, or video games.

Action figures have been around for decades, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Whether you’re a child of the 80s who grew up playing with He-Man and She-Ra or a millennial who can’t get enough of Marvel’s Avengers, there’s an action figure out there for everyone.
There are many different types of action figures to choose from. If you’re into articulated figures with lots of detail, you’ll want to check out some of the high-end model kits from companies like Bandai or Kotobukiya. These kits usually need some assembly, but the results are worth it – you’ll have a beautiful display piece when you’re finished.

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, there are plenty of great options from companies like Hasbro and Mattel.


Anime figures

Anime figures are usually made of plastic or resin and are designed to be displayed on a shelf. They are often based on characters from anime or manga.
Anime figure model kits are becoming popular among anime fans and collectors. These model kits allow fans to assemble and paint their favorite characters from their favorite anime series.
There is a wide variety of anime figure model kits available, ranging from simple statues to complex figures with many moving parts. Many of these model kits are designed for adults, and there is a growing market for female model kits as well.

Some of the best anime figure model kits available include the Dragon Ball Z Figuarts, the One Piece Figuarts, and the Naruto Shippuden G.E.M. Series. These high-quality model kits are sure to please any fan of anime!


Aurora figures

Aurora figures are usually made of metal or resin and are designed to be displayed on a shelf. They are often based on characters from movies, TV shows, or video games.

Military figures

A military figure model kit is a kit used to make a scale replica of a military figure. The most popular kits are those used to make World War II figures.
These kits come in different scales, from 1:72 to 1:32, and are made of different materials, such as plastic, resin, or metal.
They can be simple or detailed, and often include accessories such as weapons, vehicles, and other equipment.
Figure modeling is a type of scale modeling in which the models are designed to represent human figures, both male and female.
Military figure models are among the most popular types of figure models, as they allow modelers to recreate scenes from history or their own imaginations.
These kits usually consist of a resin or plastic body, with separate limbs and other accessories that must be glued or otherwise attached. Many modelers enjoy the challenge of painting these figures to look as realistic as possible.
Military figure model kits are scale models of figures that represent soldiers or other military personnel. These kits are popular among collectors and modelers who enjoy building and painting them.
Some companies that produce these kits specialize in creating accurate, accurate figures. Others focus on making more stylized or fantasy-based models. Regardless of their style, all military figure model kits need assembly and painting before they can be displayed.
Many people who collect and build military figure model kits also take part in wargaming, a tabletop game that simulates battle using miniatures. Wargaming is a popular hobby among both casual gamers and serious strategists. It can be played with any type of miniature, but military figure model kits are often used because of their detail and realism.

How to choose a figure model kit?

When it comes to choosing a figure model kit, there are many things to consider. The first is what type of figure you want. There are plastic figures, resin figures, action figures, and fantasy figures. Each has its own pros and cons.

The next thing to consider is the size of the figure. Some are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, while others are life-size. Choose a size that is appropriate for your needs.

Finally, think about what type of character you want your figure to be. There are many options available, from Gundams and anime characters to fantasy creatures and more. Pick one that you think you will enjoy painting and assembling.

Building a figure model kit:

A figure model kit is a plastic or resin model of a character from an anime, manga, video game, or movie. Figure kits usually come in two types: static and articulated.

Static figure kits are cheaper and easier to build, but articulated figure kits have more moving parts and are more accurate to the source material.

Building a figure model kit is a fun and rewarding hobby for fans of anime, manga, video games, and movies. Figure kits can be assembled in a few hours or over the course of several days, depending on the complexity of the kit.

Also, assembly, painting, and detailing are often required to create a finished product that looks like the character it represents.

Whether you’re a fan of Gundam or Final Fantasy, building figure model kits is a great way to show your love for your favorite characters.

We will share with you our detailed article about figure-making techniques and stages soon.


In conclusion, figure model kit hobbies can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They can be a fun and creative way to spend time, and can also be used to teach children about science and history. With so many different types of kits available, there is sure to be one that appeals to everyone. So why not give it a try?

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