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Bell AH-1W Super Cobra Review – Brief History and Unboxing

Revell Bell AH-1W Super Cobra-1-48-Review

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra Review

Revell | No. 04943 | 1:48 | Injection molding

Prototype: In 1966, Bell Aircraft inc. the two prototypes of an attack helicopter based on the light multi-purpose helicopter Bell UH-1, which was now indispensable in the Vietnam War. The Bell UH-1G “Huey Cobra” was immediately ordered by the U.S. Army produced in series and used immediately in South Vietnam. The success of this attack helicopter also escaped the U.S. Marine Corps not and it required a maritime counterpart of the aircraft. Above all, this should be able to operate from ships. In order to do justice to the often long flight routes over the sea, the Cobra was further developed into a larger and more compact machine with a twin engine.

The new helicopter was named: AH-1J Sea-Cobra. It went into series production in 1969. After some continuous improvements, the AH-1W Super Cobra was put into service in 1983. This pattern is powered by two T700-GE-401 turbo engines and has a top speed of 282 km / h above sea level. The weapons equipment consists of AGM-114 Hellfire and AGM-122 Sidearm missiles. This type is in operational use with eight mixed HMLA squadrons. The machines are stationed in Camp Pendleton / California. The AH-1W is still an integral part of the USMC.

Kit: Brought onto the market by Italeri in 1994, Revell from Bünde / Westphalia is now releasing it. On a scale of 1:48, this model of the “Heli” is unique. However, one should not expect any miracles from the mold construction of the time, the 128 components contained in this impractical folding box are still provided with raised engravings.

As far as the details are concerned, the model has all the equipment it needs to be placed on the runners, only these look a bit simple by today’s standards. It starts with the cockpit. It’s all included. But if a younger hobbyist would say: “The seats look like grandpa’s wing chair” he would not be entirely wrong. So be it. In any case, however, the imprinted cords that represent the harness should be removed and replaced with cords from the aftermarket or homemade ones. That kind of thing takes a lot of refinement. We would have liked Revell Decals for the fittings. Actually standard these days.

If the hobbyist wants to present the large cabin open, it has to be sawed. The instructions indicate this. With such a pulpit, however, it is like life: both are only available once. But even when closed, a lot can still be seen from the inside. The armament consists of Sidewinder, Hellfire, and unguided rockets that are fired from two side launchers. Of course, there is also the three-barreled 20mm cannon under the bow. The production of the engines including the rotor is okay.

Paintings: Revell offers three different USMC IDs for the kit.

  • AH-1W HMM-163, USS “Tarawa” with the note “: Beware of vicious helicopters”
  • A machine of the Naval Weapon Center in China Lake 1988
  • A machine, Camp Pendleton, California.

All paintings have their own attractiveness. And the “weathered” can really let off steam with USMC machines.

Conclusion: There is no other model of this type on this scale. The kit is relatively inexpensive and you can make something out of it.

Kit: Bell AH-1W Super Cobra
Scale: 1/48
Price: $26.99
Manufacturer: Revell

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