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Miniart SU-122 Review – Brief History and Unboxing

Miniart SU-122 Review

1:35 Miniart SU-122 Review

Prototype: The SU-122 was a Soviet medium self-propelled artillery vehicle that was developed at the time of World War II. The designation SU means Samochodnaja Ustanowka (self-propelled gun) and the number 122 stands for the caliber of the vehicle’s main weapon.

The design office of the Uralsky Zavod Tjaschologo Maschinostrojenija, USTM for short, Uralmash – Ural heavy engineering plant in Sverdlovsk designed the SU-122 in November 1942. Lev Israilewitsch Gorlitski, one of the leading specialists in the development of medium-sized self-propelled guns, was the project manager.

Series production began a month later. Production of the SU-122 ended after 638 units had been built in August 1943, when the production capacity for the manufacture of the new SU-85 tank destroyer was cleared.

Many assemblies of the SU-85, such as the chassis, were further developments of the corresponding parts of the SU-122.

The Red Army used the SU-122 from February 1943. The vehicles were used with success mainly as a medium assault guns, sometimes they also took over the tasks of self-propelled howitzers. Attempts to use it as a tank destroyer failed due to the unsuitable main weapon.

The high point of active use was in the second half of 1943. After the heavy losses in 1944, the SU-122 was then rarely in the fleet of the Soviet troops, individual vehicles remained in combat until the end of the war.

Kit: As soon as you open the very well-filled telescope box, it is noticeable that we are once again holding a highlight in terms of quality and attention to detail. Many will say: “Another SU.” Right, but a slimmed-down version of the SU without complete interior fittings as an early production model.

The kit has parts that are neatly sprayed in light gray, transparent parts, a sheet of etched parts, and a sheet of decals printed without offset.

The curb chains are included as single link elements. The building instructions are clearly structured and lead through 42 construction phases. No reworking is to be expected during construction, the ejection marks are in non-visible areas.

Painting: In terms of colors, MiniArt refers to the manufacturer’s Ammo Mig, Mr. Color, Humbrol, Testors, and Vallejo. The transfer sheet allows 4 different variants:

  • Unknown unit, “Frunze”, Brjansk Front, summer 1943,
  • 4th Panzer Army, Bryansk Front, August 1943,
  • Unknown unit with inscriptions “Glory to our tank drivers” and “Hitler’s dead”, Uralmash, Sverdlovsk, 1943,
  • 1434th SFL Regiment, Leningrad Front, December 1943.

Conclusion: The fan of Soviet battle tanks will strike again here too. Those who shy away from the additional work and time required for interior design are well served with this model. In conclusion, it should be said that you get a very good kit for a fair price.

This kit can be obtained from well-stocked specialist shops or at Hobbyzero.com

Kit: MiniArt SU-122 Soviet SELF-PROPELLED Gun, Early PROD
Scale: 1/35
Price: $87.15
Manufacturer: MiniArt

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