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Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set

Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set

Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set

One or the other is familiar with the Vallejo acrylic paints. A set with acrylic-based metal paints has been available for some time. There are four shades of 32ml each. These are 77,701 aluminum, 77,703 dark aluminum, 77,712 steel and 77,724 silver. Stirring is made easier by the balls in the bottles.

These colors are intended for the representation of a living metal surface of an airplane. In the instructions, there are further references to other metal colors and sets. The latter always contains four 32ml bottles.

Conclusion: Vallejo implemented a good idea here. These four colors are sufficient to make the metal surface of an airplane appear realistic. Because you can combine them with each other in an unlimited way, not just for model railroaders!

Vallejo Metal Color can also be applied with a brush. It can be diluted with Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver.

A bottle of thinner designed for use with Vallejo acrylics. Used to lengthen colors, increase fluidity, and delay drying time. We recommend adding thinner in the specified proportions to the colors while airbrushing.

Recommended compressor settings for airbrushing are approximately 15 – 20 PSI or 0.5 to 1 kg.

Metal Medium is an acrylic medium formulated with mica that can be mixed with acrylic colors to create an iridescent shine or applied alone for a silvery iridescent effect.

Vallejo’s new range of acrylic airbrush colors is Mecha Color. Specially designed for painting Robots, Gundam, Transformer, and Gunplas figures.

There are 119 acrylic colors.
Game Color was developed for tabletop games. The product range consists of 119 acrylic colors, washes, and inks; Designed for painting small figures, the formula has a lower viscosity than Model Color and a resin that is more resistant to frequent use. Colors provide opaque coverage without loss of detail.

Acrylic colors contain a certain amount of water, and the colors dry when the water content evaporates. The most important thing is to keep the tubes and jars properly closed, and while the colors can last much longer than that, we think the shelf life is about five years the norm.

Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set Bottle
Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set
Vallejo Metallic Panel Metal Color Set Cover Back

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