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USA’s Skies Killing Machine: F-22 Raptor

USAs Skies Killing Machine F-22 Raptor

The steps that countries take to protect their national security with each passing day lead to the emergence of new technological wonders. Let’s get to know the deadliest war machine F-22 Raptor, which the American Air Force has produced only for itself.

In the case of aircraft that can travel at supersonic speeds, hundreds of kilometers can be covered in minutes. Although passenger planes are preferred in terms of speed in transportation, we can say that they are quite cumbersome among their siblings. Today, we have compiled the astonishing features of the F-22 Raptor, which is considered one of the most advanced machines among the preferred fighter jets for national security.

Cost of F-22 raptor:

lockheed martin F-22 raptor
The F-22, produced by the US arms and aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin at a cost of $ 147 million, is an aircraft with technologies quite different from its competitors. This super machine can only be used by the US Air Force for US national security. The US government certainly does not allow these aircraft to be sold to another country, not even to its closest allies.

So what makes the F-22 Raptor, nicknamed “Stealth Airplane” so special?

The F-22 is an aircraft developed entirely for air domination. All jets produced for defense are designed to be as fast and powerful as possible. Lockheed Martin’s beast, on the other hand, approaches almost invisibility, along with all these features. The composite materials used in the production of the F-22 show it as a very small trace on the radar. At the same time, the radar system it uses can disrupt the parameters of other radar signals that scan.

F-22 raptor top speed: 2410 kilometers per hour:

F-22 raptor top speed
Raptor, the world’s most expensive and most powerful fighter jet, can fly at a speed of 2410 kilometers per hour, making it a war machine capable of moving at supersonic speeds. It can reach its high speed and a range of 3200 kilometers thanks to its double engine built into its body.

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is one of the biggest warplanes. It carries death inside:

F-22 raptor cost
Although it is a cockpit design designed for a single pilot, the jet is 19 meters long and weighs 15 tons. The biggest difference between this wild bird from its predecessors is that it hides its missiles inside its body in a way that cannot be seen from the outside. In this way, it reaches its full 322-kilogram ammunition carrying capacity. The F-22, which can infiltrate enemy airspace and deliver pioneering blows, has very high maneuverability. The fighter aircraft is capable of carrying 6 AIM-120C and 2 AIM-9 guided AA missiles in its missions.

F-22 raptor cost:

The American government spent a total of $ 66.7 billion under the program just because of the high costs of these war jets it uses. Despite being one of the most powerful weapons in the US military, only 195 units have been produced so far, due to this high production cost.

Everyone has a flaw:

On the other hand, F-22s cannot use some missiles in the US Navy effectively enough compared to F-35s. Nevertheless, the air control it provides is so superior that they are among the indispensable elements of the army.

In the coming years, it is predicted that countries will switch to unmanned aerial vehicles instead of piloted warplanes. For this reason, the lifetime of these high-cost jets is not expected to be very long. As more advanced technologies begin to control UAVs over very long distances, it seems that we will not be able to see such killing machines in the skies.

Of course, whether we should be sorry or happy about this situation, we leave it to you, our readers, to decide.

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