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Who Will Win if Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor?

Fighters Clash: Who Will Win if Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor

Fighters Clash: Who Will Win if Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor? (Survey)

We compare the Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor, the most ambitious aircraft of the two most assertive countries in the world in aviation. Who will be the winner?

Regarded as the world’s arch-rivals in the field of military technologies, Russia and America continue to show teeth first to each other and then to the world with their unique military technologies.

Thinking that comparison is necessary when it comes to “Fighter Aircraft Technology”, the Business Insider team theoretically brings together the most powerful warplanes of the two giant countries. Comparing America’s F-22 with Russia’s Su-35 in theory, the team reveals who is the winner.

The team started its assessment by stating that this feature of the F-22, which has radar stealth technology, is not very important in real war conditions, and does not fail to mention the procedures that the two planes must perform before starting a conflict.

In the scenario where the F-22 performs a possible air breach, the pilot of the Su-35 aircraft must first make a verbal warning. After this warning, if the Su-35, which has to show the rockets in its ammunition by leaning to the side, does not get any reaction from the opposite side or is exposed to the counterfire, the conflict begins at that moment.

So far, in the scenario we have described if the F-22 violates, the roles change, and if the Su-35 is a violator, one of the negative features of the F-22 emerges. The F-22, by its design, contains the entire ammunition system inside the aircraft, so it is impossible to give a deterrent visual warning against the F-35.

Now that we have passed the procedural stage we mentioned above, we can move on to our scenario, which is really exciting, that is, where two planes face relentlessly. First of all, the Su-35 fighter is well ahead of the F-22 in terms of ammunition. Moreover, the Su-35, which is advantageous in terms of ammunition, has the potential to demolish the F-22 with its high maneuverability and its success in close air conflicts.

According to this comparison, although the absolute winner is the Russian monster Su-35, there is a factor that will change the balance. The American army is well ahead of the world in training pilots. Russian pilots, who are superior in terms of equipment, have the potential to fall behind American pilots as a capability in a possible conflict. However, our hope is that such an encounter will only occur theoretically.

Which Fighter Will Win: Su-35 vs F-22 Raptor?

By participating in our survey, you can share with us the plane you find advantageous in the possible fight, and explain your thesis with your comments.

Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor-2
Russian Su-35 vs American F-22 Raptor

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