Made for the game world: Team Fordzilla P1

Team Fordzilla P1

Team Fordzilla P1

Ford, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, has prepared a vehicle for virtual struggles, not real roads, this time.

Introducing Team Fordzilla P1. Ford brand cars have been in many racing games for years. In this regard, especially the 647-hp GT model is among the most preferred vehicles. However, the big automaker doesn’t want to be content with these. At this point, the surprise model Team Fordzilla P1 appeared. As we said above, this tool is designed to be used directly in the virtual world, that is, in games. In this respect, the model that will not go into real production pushes the boundaries because it is prepared with this mind and looks really interesting and assertive. The Team Fordzilla P1, brought to life with the contribution of thousands of games around the world and bearing the signature of Ford designer Arturo Ariño, carries an incredibly large LED headlight assembly on the front. Especially the rear is incredibly provocative, this virtual car sits on gigantic thick tires.

Team Fordzilla P1 is a truly remarkable design

For now, it is not known in which games this tool will be included. Although virtual, technical details about the vehicle are not given. However, it will be a fully electric or hybrid option with a 99% probability, that this extreme car will not go into mass production, but will be produced with a prototype to be exhibited. The promotional video for this hypercar is listed above.

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