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Delage D12 hypercar admirable in every detail

Delage D12 hypercar admirable in every detail-10

Delage D12 hypercar

Another model that draws attention to the automobile market has been added. Delage D12, which we came across a short while ago, really takes the breath away in every pen.

The hypercar model Delage D12 first manages to stand out with its design. The vehicle, which looks almost like a racing car and is also described as “the F1 car that can go out on the street”, is not only for two people and has a door. Instead, as you can see below, the vehicle uses a canopy-like openable front section that brings fighter planes to mind. The vehicle, which is made of carbon fiber up to its rims, has two different versions in this context. The street-focused version of the vehicle is powered by the 7.6-liter V12 engine and offers 1,100 horsepower. The weight of this version is at the level of 1,400 kg. The other version has the same engine and focuses directly on the racetracks. In this version, it seems that the weight has been reduced to 1,310 kg. You know, lower weight means higher performance. It is desired to break the Nürburgring lap record as this vehicle is put into production.

Delage D12 is truly a true hypercar

The Delage D12, which has a giant spoiler designed as movable at the back, continuously reveals the engine and suspension system, thanks to the transparent sections at both the front and the rear. Of course, the price of only 30 hypercars, which will be produced in total, is quite high. As far as reported, 2.3 million dollars must be sacrificed to reach the model.

Delage D12 hypercar admirable in every detail
Delage D12 hypercar admirable in every detail-5

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