AI Pilot defeats real F-16 pilot in dogfight

AI Pilot defeats real F-16 pilot in dogfight

Heron Systems’ AI pilot just beat a human in a simulated dogfight

Artificial intelligence technology is developing in all areas. This time the tech outstripped the real pilot in a dogfighting match. Here’s what you need to know about the future infrastructure;

In the dogfight match held within the scope of the “AlphaDogfight Trial” competition of DARPA, a government agency under the US Department of Defense responsible for producing new technologies for use by the American army, the artificial intelligence system developed by Heron Systems succeeded in defeating the real F-16 fighter pilot. The artificial intelligence system, which is not only the rocket, but only the ball shooting, and which has a 5-0 advantage over the real pilot in a completely virtual encounter, has also succeeded in surpassing the artificial intelligence system developed by Lockheed. This took its place in history as an important success.

Dogfight is the toughest aviation encounter

And it seems that the overwhelming advantage of artificial intelligence in this regard will shape the future. In fact, dogfighting is no longer needed due to the development of long-range weapon systems. However, an artificial intelligence piloting system developed enough to make dogfights clearly shows that future warplanes will be pilotless. There is an impression that such vehicles will not even need to be managed remotely in the future. Artificial intelligence systems are said to replace real “human” pilots not only in the military but also in civil aviation.

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