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Border Model One Box Two Jagdpanzer IV L70/A

Border Model One Box Two Versions Jagdpanzer IV L70A Box Art

Border Model One Box Two Versions Jagdpanzer IV L70/A

The new 1/35 scale Jagdpanzer IV L70/A from Border Model will be released in two versions in one box.
The kit was designed by T Rex Studios for the Border Model and can be made in early or late production. The box includes two lower bodies and two types of pallets.

Jagdpanzer IV L70/A BT 026

  • Scale: 1:35th



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The Jagdpanzer IV L70/A was a tank destroyer developed by Nazi Germany during World War II. It was based on the chassis of the Panzer IV tank and was equipped with a long 75 mm gun mounted in a fixed superstructure. The Jagdpanzer IV L70/A was designed to provide infantry support and engage enemy tanks at long range.
The Jagdpanzer IV L70/A was produced from 1943 to 1945 and saw service on the Eastern and Western fronts. It was designed to replace the earlier Jagdpanzer IV L48, which was based on the Panzer IV tank but equipped with a shorter gun. The L70/A version was equipped with a longer, more powerful 75 mm gun that was able to engage enemy tanks at greater ranges and with more effectiveness.
The Jagdpanzer IV L70/A was lightly armored and relied on its stealth and mobility to avoid enemy fire. It was crewed by four people, including the commander, gunner, loader, and driver. The vehicle was powered by a Maybach HL 120 TRM engine and had a top speed of approximately 40 km/h.
Despite its effectiveness as a tank destroyer, the Jagdpanzer IV L70/A was produced in relatively small numbers due to the focus on producing more heavily armored tanks. It was used by various units of the German military and saw action in some major battles during the war.

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