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Border Models unused 35th scale B5N2 TYPE 97 Kate…

Border Models new 35th scale B5N2 TYPE 97 Kate...

Border Model’s 1/35 scale. The Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” is within the ultimate phases of construction. That is the only airplane package we’re having a look at nowadays. We have a look at the CADs our preview…



Preview: Border Models unused Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” in 35th scale

Nakajima B5N2 “Kate”

From Border Model

1/35 scale

Equipment Refuse #BF005

Picture-etch portions incorporated.

Worth: TBA

Anticipated: October

Border Model Website

The Topic: The Nakajima B5N2 “Kate”
The Nakajima B5N “Kate” used to be the usual torpedo bomber of the Imperial Jap Army for a lot of International Battle II. Even if the B5N used to be considerably quicker and extra succesful than its Allied opposite numbers, the TBD Devastator, Fairey Swordfish and the Fairey Albacore, it used to be nearing obsolescence by way of 1941. However, the B5N operated during the entire conflict, because of the not on time construction of its successor, the B6N. Within the early a part of the Pacific Battle, flown by way of well-trained IJN aircrews and as a part of well-coordinated assaults, the B5N accomplished explicit successes on the battles of Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Halfway, and Santa Cruz Islands. Basically a carrier-based airplane, it used to be additionally every now and then worn as a land-based bomber.

B5N2 starting off from IJN Zuikaku at Coral Sea, Might 1942


The B5N carried a workforce of 3: pilot, navigator/bombardier/witness, and radio operator/gunner. The B5N used to be designed by way of a crew led by way of Katsuji Nakamura based on a 1935 specification by way of the Army for a torpedo bomber to exchange the Yokosuka B4Y. Internally designated Kind Okay by way of Nakajima, it effectively competed with the Mitsubishi B5M for a manufacturing guarantee.

Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” sporting 250 kg (550 lb) bomb.



The primary prototype flew in January 1937 and used to be ordered into manufacturing quickly afterwards with the overall designation Kind 97 Service Assault Bomber. The B5N quickly noticed battle, first within the Sino-Jap Battle, the place battle enjoy obvious a number of weaknesses within the unedited B5N1 manufacturing fashion. Those have been basically involved in the deficit of coverage that the design introduced its workforce and its gas tanks. Prepared to uphold the top efficiency of the sort, the Army used to be unwilling so as to add weight within the method of armour, and in lieu seemed to acquiring a quicker model of the airplane within the hopes of outrunning enemy combatants. The B5N2 used to be given a a lot more tough engine, and numerous changes have been made to streamline it. Even if its efficiency used to be best marginally higher, and its weaknesses remained un-remedied, this model changed the B5N1 in manufacturing and repair from 1939.

Nakajima B5N ‘Kate’ give up airplane (photograph from the RAAF Museum)


It used to be this model that might be worn by way of the Army within the Assault on Pearl Harbor. The B5N2 Kate carried Mitsuo Fuchida, the commander of the assault on Pearl Harbor, with one from the provider Hiryu credited with sinking the battleship Arizona. 5 torpedo bombers have been shot i’m sick within the first current. With the exception of this raid, the best successes of the B5N2 have been the important thing roles it performed in sinking the USA Army airplane carriers Yorktown, Lexington and Hornet.

Nakajima B5N2s creating a torpedo assault at Santa Cruz on October 26, 1942


The B5N persisted to fly in secondary roles, akin to coaching, goal towing, and anti-submarine battle. One of the crucial airplane worn for this ultimate function have been supplied with early radars and magnetic anomaly detectors. B5Ns have been additionally worn as bombers right through the unsuccessful defence of the Philippines in October 1944, struggling terrible losses. Nearest within the conflict, they have been additionally worn for kamikaze assaults.

Nakajima B5N2 Kate reconstruction on the Pearl Harbor Gliding Museum in 2019.


Not one of the 1,150 manufacturing B5Ns survived International Battle II intact. Best two partly recovered B5Ns are recognized to exist, neither of them airworthy. Replicas of the B5N2s have been made the use of stretched fuselages from U.S. Canadian Automobile and Foundry “Harvard” – a variant of the North American T-6 Texan running shoes, which have been changed to constitute Jap airplane for the film Tora! Tora! Tora!, and feature been worn in a lot of motion pictures and airshows since to depict the airplane.

Any other shot of the Kate with the torpedo and 800kg bombs worn on this package.



The Equipment: Border Model’s unused Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” in 35th scale
The 3rd reduce within the 1/35 scale flying form, Border Models’s unused “Kate” takes to the air from the similar park as their fresh, Fw-190, Ju-87, BF-109 & the drawing close Spitfire kits.

The attribute poised of this package:

– The package includes a foldable wing and interior face construction.

– The package options detachable cowling for the engine

– The airplane’s surfaces are proven with rivet trait & stressed out pores and skin results.

– The decals are incorporated for the software panel & the ones intricate Jap texts

– Armament comprises armour piercing bombs, aerial torpedos with wood tails

– Complete internal, ammo depot engine & colorful cockpit.

– Picture-etch with pilots harness incorporated.


This package of the shiny bomber from WWII has riveted and textured airplane pores and skin, and an excessively busy cockpit, with range and kit totally fleshed out for his or her aircrew. The radio-operator/gunner operated the versatile 7.7 mm (.303 in) Kind 92 system gun on the rear finish of the cockpit.


The radio-operator/gunner place used to be supplied with probably the most standard-issue radio units for army three-seater airplane that used to be fastened in entrance of the radio-operator/gunner’s seat and at the back of the navigator/bombardier/witness’s seat. You’ll see the kits complete interior framing for the cockpit right here on this shot.


A complete view from the starboard right here, with the 3 workforce positions all unfolded. Refuse information on if there will probably be a clear aspect of the package’s fuselage to be had, however that might be a splendid addition for some modellers.


The opposite place right here from the port aspect of the airplane. The center navigator/ bombardier/ witness’s seat and pilot’s place are simply as effectively colorful on this CAD symbol.


The package, as all excellent naval combatants will have to do, has totally folding wings as an choice and naturally extendable or retractable undercarriage.

You’ll see right here the posable flying surfaces of the package. Any other bonus for modellers in need of to turn this type of colorful package in every of its choices.


The total interior trait of the wing folds are on show right here and it’s splendid to peer that modellers received’t should be scratch-building the whole thing at the package.

We didn’t realise how a lot of the gull-wings folded over the cover, however it’s proven to complete extent right here.


The multi section cover can also be posed opened or closed, incorrect agreement but on if there are any mask supplied for the package. They’d be useful!

The cover opened, and the ground of the cockpit and workforce stations proven to a point on this photograph. You’ll see the gunsight within the photo-etch right here. The virtue of steel seems stopped in this package which is sweet!


The wheels-up choice of this package appearing the effective rivet trait of the wings and fuselage to bring about.


Any other shot of the wings, you’ll have obvious in one of the previous footage no longer best effective riveting but additionally keep watch over floor texture is provide in this Border Model package.


The bulky Nakajima Sakae 11 14-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engine and 3-bladed constant-speed steel propeller are on show on this photograph. The wiring harness seems adore it may be supplied, one does knot know but if this can be a twine, a plastic or photo-etch choice.


No longer best can the engine cowling be proven on, however off the airplane in a repairs diorama environment if the modeller likes.


We didn’t realise how canted-up the gull-wings have been till we noticed this shot around the wing profile. It’s juxtaposed with the downward perspective of the torpedo the package comes with.


The closely colorful Jap 800kg armour-piercing bomb is incorporated. Named the “Navy Type 99 No.80 AP bomb”. Those bombs had an armour penetration of 8-inches (or 200mm) of deck armour. Those have been the bombs that have been worn within the assault at the USS Arizona.


Kind 91 torpedo may be incorporated so you’ll be able to put together a bomber, or torpedo bomber challenge along with your unused package.


We shouldn’t have pricing or anticipated past showed but, however we can replace you once we all know.


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