Bullet-designed Aircraft Celera 500L Starts Test Flights

Bullet-designed Aircraft Celera 500L Starts Test Flights

Bullet-Designed Aircraft Celera 500L

Otto Aviation introduced the Celera 500L model, nicknamed the bullet plane. This model consumes almost 1/10 of its counterparts on fuel.

One of the most important issues for aviation companies is to improve their vehicles in terms of fuel-saving and increasing their efficiency. To achieve this, we can see quite unusual designs from time to time.

One of these designs belonged to an aircraft that was displayed at Southern California Logistics Airport in 2017 and attracted attention with its bullet-like structure. This plane has been officially introduced for many years.

Fuel consumption 1/10

Details of the vehicle belonging to Otto Aviation have been kept confidential until today. The firm finally decided to share the details of the vehicle. The aircraft, which stands out with its interesting shape and is named Celera 500L, could revolutionize.

According to the company’s statement, the vehicle, which has a capacity of 6 passengers, can reach a speed of about 740 kilometers per hour. In addition, a single tank of fuel can reach a range of 8334 kilometers. The main striking point is the fuel and flight costs of the vehicle.

With 1 gallon of fuel normally consumed by an airplane at a distance of 3-5 kilometers, Celera 500L manages to reach a distance of 30-40 kilometers. This means 90% fuel savings compared to the compared models.

1 Hour flight cost $ 328.00

According to Otto Aviation, the Celera 500L‘s one-hour flight cost is equivalent to $ 328.00 thanks to its superior fuel savings.

While it is said that the shape of the aircraft and the laminar flow provided by its wings, the vehicle flies with the least friction, thus saving fuel, it is also stated that this design is not suitable for large aircraft. Celera 500L seems to be used for cargo, not passengers. It is stated that the first models of the aircraft will be delivered in 2025. Let’s see if we can really see this interesting plane in the sky.

Bullet-designed Aircraft Celera 500L
Bullet-designed Aircraft Celera 500L Starts Test Flights

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