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Gecko Models Concrete Dragon’s Teeth

Gecko Concrete Dragon’s Teeth

Gecko Models Fortifies Dioramas with New 1/35 Scale Dragon’s Teeth Kit

Gecko Models has announced a new addition to their line of plastic injection-molded diorama accessories: a set of iconic “Dragon’s Teeth” tank barriers.

Gecko Models Fortifies Dioramas with New Dragon's Teeth Kit Box Art

Gecko Models Fortifies Dioramas with New Dragon's Teeth Kit Test Build

1/35 WWII Germany Anti-Tank Obstacles

$10.82 1/35 WWII Germany Anti-Tank Obstacles hlj.com


1/35 Scale Normandy Beach Log Ramps Set

$12.17  1/35 Scale Normandy Beach Log Ramps Set hlj.com


Fortifying Your Dioramas

These concrete blocks, aptly named for their jagged shape, were widely used during World War II to impede the movement of tanks and wheeled vehicles. Gecko Models’ new kit promises to provide modelers with a versatile and historically accurate way to enhance their dioramas:

  • Three Distinct Block Types: The kit includes three different types of Dragon’s Teeth blocks, allowing you to recreate the diverse configurations used in various historical settings.

  • Detailed Molding: Each block is meticulously molded with realistic textures and surface details, capturing the rugged appearance of these wartime fortifications.

  • Flexibility for Customization: The kit offers a large number of blocks, providing ample material for creating intricate barriers of varying lengths and shapes.

A Touch of Historical Authenticity

Gecko Models has taken care to ensure the historical accuracy of the Dragon’s Teeth kit:

  • Based on Real-World Dimensions: The blocks are accurately scaled to their real-world counterparts, adding a layer of realism to your dioramas.

  • Multiple Painting Options: The kit provides a blank canvas for your creative expression, allowing you to paint the blocks in historically accurate camouflage patterns or weathered finishes.

  • Complements Existing Kits: The Dragon’s Teeth kit is ideal for use with a variety of military vehicle and figure models, creating realistic and immersive dioramas.

More Than Just a Barrier

Beyond their practical purpose, Dragon’s Teeth have become iconic symbols of World War II fortifications. By incorporating them into your dioramas, you can add a powerful visual element that evokes the spirit of this historical period:

  • Enhance Storytelling: Dragon’s Teeth can serve as a backdrop for your dioramas, setting the scene and adding visual tension to your creations.

  • Showcase Historical Context: The presence of Dragon’s Teeth provides a tangible connection to World War II history, enriching the context and narrative of your dioramas.

  • Inspire Creative Exploration: These versatile barriers can be used in a variety of settings and scenarios, sparking your creativity and encouraging historical exploration through modeling.

A Must-Have for Diorama Enthusiasts

Gecko Models’ Dragon’s Teeth kit is an essential addition for any diorama enthusiast or military history buff. With its accurate details, versatile options, and historical significance, this kit offers a rewarding and engaging way to enhance your modeling projects and bring your dioramas to life.


The Dragon’s Teeth kit is currently available for pre-order through Gecko Models’ website and other hobby retailers. Stay tuned for updates on the official release date and pricing. With its historical accuracy, flexibility, and creative potential, this kit is sure to be a popular choice for modelers of all skill levels.


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