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Hobbyworld Issue #259

Hobbyworld Magazine Unveils Issue #259 with Eight Compelling Modeling Articles

Hobbyworld Magazine, a leading publication for scale model enthusiasts, has announced the release of its highly anticipated Issue #259.

A Journey through the Realm of Modeling

Issue #259 takes readers on a journey through the captivating realm of modeling, showcasing the artistry and passion that fuel this hobby. Each article provides in-depth insights into the techniques and methodologies employed by skilled modelers, offering valuable guidance and inspiration for enthusiasts of all levels.

5SS Wiking HUNGARY 1945 Julio Ribeiro Mendez
5SS Wiking HUNGARY 1945:
This diorama by Julio Ribeiro Mendez meticulously recreates a 5SS Wiking tank in its wartime setting, capturing the essence of this formidable armored vehicle.

ChTZ S-65 Tractor. Sungjun Jang
ChTZ S-65 Tractor:
Sungjun Jang’s article brings to life the ChTZ S-65 tractor, a workhorse of Soviet agriculture, showcasing its intricate details and historical significance.

AEROSAN NKL-26 . José Luis Galiano
José Luis Galiano’s craftsmanship shines through as he meticulously constructs a replica of the Aerosan NKL-26, a unique Soviet snow glider used during World War II.

PRAIRIE FIRE: Dong Phuong’s diorama transports readers to the heart of the Laos jungle 1967, with a stunning diorama depicting a 2 special force soldat in action.

A-4k Draken International. Snorre Sandviken
A-4k Draken International:
Snorre Sandviken’s expertise is evident in his detailed construction of an A-4k Draken International aircraft, capturing the sleek lines and powerful presence of this Swedish fighter jet.

Pickup w-ZPU-2. Vicente Muñoz Moreno
Pickup w/ZPU-2:
Vicente Muñoz Moreno brings the thrill of military action to life with his meticulous construction of a pickup truck equipped with a ZPU-2 anti-aircraft gun.

ARCHITECT CUSTOM Frame Arms Girl. Noh Kunho
Noh Kunho’s artistry is on display as he transforms a Hentai, Gundam mix with Frame Arms Girls, allowing us to look at figure modelling from a different perspective.

A4B Skyhawk Green Lizards. Raúl Rodríguez
A4B Skyhawk Green Lizards:
Raúl Rodríguez’s passion for aviation is evident in his detailed construction of an A4B Skyhawk Green Lizards aircraft, capturing the iconic markings and vibrant colors of this naval fighter.


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