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ICM Release 1:350 Kriegsfischkutter in December

ICM is to release an 1350 KFK Kriegsfischkutter Box Art

ICM release 1:350 KFK Kriegsfischkutter in December

1:350 KFK Kriegsfischkutter, WWII German multi-purpose boat will be launched by ICM in December. Let’s look at the details of the model with CAD images.

1:350 Kriegsfischkutter (KFK), WWII German multi-purpose boat

  • Model No: #S.018
  • Scale:  1:350Price: $72

Kriegsfischkutter (KFK for short), II. They were boats designed for small auxiliary warships of the German Navy in World War II. They were used in coastal patrol and security services, in anti-submarine warfare squadrons, and for mine clearance and fishing in the postwar period.

The Kriegsfischkutter (or KFK for short – meaning combat fishing boat) was the most common German warship in World War II.

More than 600 ships built by shipyards in Germany and occupied Europe as well as friendly Sweden (more than 45 hulls) have been found almost everywhere the Kriegsmarine is found.

Basically, the ASV was a heavily armed fishing vessel used as a convoy escort, minesweeper, patrol vessel, rescue vessel, and light transport.

After World War II, some were converted to fishing vessels and coastal transport, while others fell into the hands of navies in liberated Europe.

For example, Norwegian coastal artillery used a pair as a transport for some time.


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