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Trumpeter January 2023 New Product Preview

Trumpeter January 2023 New Product Preview

Trumpeter January 2023 New Product Preview

TRUMPETER Release time: 2022-11-21 Says hello to the new year with 3 new models. 1/16 scale German “Cheetah” tank destroyer late model, 1/48 scale Russian Mi-4A “Hound Dog” helicopter, and 1/700 scale Royal Navy light cruiser HMS Colombo.

Trumpeter German “Cheetah” tank destroyer late model

  • Scale: 1/16
  • Number: 00935
The German “Cheetah” tank destroyer was a late model of tank destroyer used in WW2. It was armed with a 88 mm gun and had a crew of 5. The Cheetah was designed to destroy enemy tanks and provide support for infantry. It was one of the most effective tank destroyers of the war and was used by the German Army on all fronts.

Trumpeter Russian Mi-4A “Hound Dog” helicopter

  • Scale: 1/48
  • Number: 05817

The Mil Mi-4 (USAF/DoD reporting name “Type 36”, NATO reporting name “Hound”) is a Soviet transport helicopter that serves in both military and civilian roles.

The Mi-4 was designed in response to the American H-19 Chickasaw and the deployment of US helicopters during the Korean War. Although the Mi-4 strongly resembles the H-19 Chickasaw in its general layout, including the innovative engine position in front of the cockpit, it is a larger helicopter, can lift more weight, and is produced in greater numbers. The first model entered service in 1953. The helicopter was first shown to the outside world on Soviet Aviation Day at Tushino Airport in 1952.

One Mi-4 was built with a disposable rotor. It served as an experimental tool for future pilots’ safety vehicles and launch designs.



Trumpeter Royal Navy light cruiser HMS Colombo

Scale: 1/700

Serial number: 06742



HMS Colombo was a C-class light cruiser built for the Royal Navy during World War I. It was part of the Carlisle subclass of the C class. It survived both world wars to be scrapped in 1948.

The Carlisle subclass was the same as the previous Ceres subclass, except its springs were upgraded for better sea grip. The ships were 451 feet 6 inches (137.6 m) overall in length, 43 feet 6 inches (13.3 m) wide, and had an average draft of 15 feet 6 inches (4.7 m). Displacement was 4,290 long tons (4,360 t) at normal load and 5,250 long tons (5,330 t) at deep load. The Columbo was powered by two Brown-Curtis steam turbines, each driving a propeller shaft producing a total of 40,000 specified horsepower (30,000 kW). The turbines used steam produced by six Yarrow boilers, which gave it a speed of about 29 knots (54 km/h; 33 mph). It carried 935 long tons (950 t) tons of fuel. The ship had a crew of approximately 432 officers and crew.[1]

The armament of the Carlisle subclass consisted of five centerline-mounted BL 6-inch (152 mm) Mk XII cannons. A pair of super-firing guns were in front of the bridge, one at the stern of the two funnels and the last two at the stern, and one gun was super-firing over the rearmost cannon. Two QF 3-inch (76 mm) 20 cwt anti-aircraft guns were placed near the front funnel. The ships were equipped with eight 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes in four twin bays, two each on the wide side.



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