Are you ready for the 32nd-scale Tornado IDS?

Tornado IDS italeri 32nd Scale kit 2520

Are you ready for the 32nd-scale Tornado IDS?

Italeri has released the fourth version of the 32nd Scale Tornado IDS. The new parts will meet the model lovers in November with the new box design and the IDS version with Italian and German markings. Our preview has some information about the kit, markings, and painting…

Tornado IDS italeri 32nd Scale kit 2520
  • Brand: Italeri
  • Title: Tornado IDS
  • Number: 2520
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Type: Full kit
  • Status: Future 2022* New parts
  • Barcode: 8001283025201 (EAN)
  • Topic: Panavia Tornado » Jets (Aircraft)
  • Italeri Website

Italeri 32nd Scale Tornado IDS Wait November.

This is all the information we can give with Tornado IDS, which is expected to be released in the first week of November. Stay tuned to for new news.


The Panavia Tornado


The Panavia Tornado is a twin-engine, multi-role combat aircraft developed by the United Kingdom, West Germany, and Italy. The Tornado was designed and built by Panavia Aircraft GmbH, a consortium consisting of British Aerospace (before British Aircraft Corporation), Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm of West Germany, and Aeritalia of Italy.
The aircraft first flew in 1974 and was introduced into service in 1979–1980. Due to its multi-role design, it was able to replace several different types in the RAF’s inventory.

History: how did the Panavia Tornado come to be?

The Tornado first flew in 1974 and was developed by the UK, Germany, and Italy. It is a multi-role combat aircraft that can be used for both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. The Tornado has been involved in several conflicts, including the Gulf War, Kosovo War, and the War in Afghanistan.
The Tornado is unique in that it uses a twin-engine configuration with a single tail fin. This gives it excellent maneuverability, even at low speeds and altitudes. The Tornado also has a very large weapons bay that can accommodate a variety of different weapons.
The Tornado has been upgraded over the years, and currently, there are three different versions in service: the IDS (Interdictor/Strike), ADV (Air Defense Variant), and ECR (Electronic Combat/Reconnaissance).


Design: what makes the Panavia Tornado unique?

What makes the Tornado unique is its advanced swing-wing design, which gives it excellent maneuverability at both low and high speeds. The Tornado can carry a wide variety of weapons, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, and bombs. It is also equipped with a mounted 20mm cannon.

Capabilities: what can the Panavia Tornado do?

The aircraft is capable of all-weather day and night operations. The Tornado has a low-level flight capability and is armed with a variety of air-to-ground weaponry. It can carry up to 18,000 pounds (8,100 kg) of weapons on nine external hardpoints, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, bombs, and rocket pods.

In service: where is the Panavia Tornado in service today?

Today, the Tornado is still in service with the air forces of Britain, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
The Tornado is scheduled to be replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon in the coming years. However, due to budget constraints and delays in production, the Tornado may remain in service until 2030 or beyond.

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