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December 1/12th Italeri Bugatti Type 35B surprise

December 112th Italeri Bugatti Type 35B Box

1/12 Scale Italeri Bugatti Type 35B

Italeri Bugatti Type 35B kit will delight modelers before Christmas. Released the first images of the 1:12 scale kit. What will the price be?

Bugatti Type 35B 1:12 Scale


Prepared with completely new molds, the kit will be produced with a high level of detail. Here are some of the features of the new Bugatti: steering wheel, realistic suspension, attention to-detail engine, opening hood, and rubber tires.
A preview of the artwork, 3D images used for product development, and color profiles of the two versions (French – Louis Chinon Monaco GP 1930 and English – William Grower-Williams Monaco GP 1929).
The Bugatti Type 35 is one of the most iconic and significant cars in the history of motor racing. Ettore Bugatti’s masterpiece is an excellent mix of engineering skills, design, elegance, lightness, and speed.
Produced during the 1920s, it won an incredible number of victories in road and track competitions. In fact, it was designed for the world of competitions with the introduction of technical and mechanical solutions that made it ideal for the circuits of the time.
It was characterized, from an aesthetic point of view, by the unmistakable shape of the horseshoe-shaped radiator, the trademark of the Bugatti car manufacturer. Thanks to its 2,263 cm3 8-cylinder engine, associated with a four-speed mechanical gearbox, and equipped with a volumetric compressor, the Bugatti Type35B was able to reach a top speed of 210 km / h. It was produced, in a limited number of copies, until 1930.
It is said that the new kit (no. 4710) will be available from the first weeks of December for $197.00. Interesting idea for Christmas gifts !!!



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