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1:35 Scale Tiger I Late Production by Ryefield Model


Preview: 1/35 scale Tiger I Late Production Full Interior CAD & Zimmerit from Ryfield Model

The “Tiger I Late Production Zimmerit & Full Interior” CAD images of the new Kit give us detailed information about the model to be released.
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RM-5080 1:35 Scale Tiger I Late Production Zimmerit & Full Interior


In the first layered CAD images, we see the full hull and interior crew positions, controls, engine, and weapons storage.


Secondly, we see detailed CAD drawings of the turret interiors, controls, 88mm gun, and machine gun.

The entire hull, engine compartment, engines, and transmission, not only that but a full load of 88mm shells are fully included in the ammunition racks. We’re starting to see this in all models that now offer i-kits. A CAD drawing is quite impressive.

The upgraded HL 230 P45 at the rear of the fuselage has a 23,095 liter (1409 engine, 521 kW (700 hp) at 3,000 rpm. The CAD drawings of the engine look very impressive.



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Source: Ryefield Model

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