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Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8

Leopard 2A8 from Border

Amusing Hobby Unveils 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 Model Kit with Diverse Decal Options and Intricate Details

Enthusiasts of military modeling can rejoice as Amusing Hobby has unveiled its meticulously crafted 1/35 scale Leopard 2A8 model kit, offering a comprehensive array of features and customization options. This highly anticipated release caters to experienced modelers seeking an intricate and challenging building experience.

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 Box Art

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 CAD-1

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 CAD-2

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 CAD-3

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 CAD-4

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Scale Leopard 2A8 CAD-6

35A058 LEOPARD2 A8

A Historical Overview of the Leopard 2A8

The Leopard 2A8 stands as the culmination of a series of advancements made to the Leopard 2 main battle tank, a cornerstone of the German Army’s arsenal since its introduction in the 1970s. The 2A8 variant, introduced in 2007, embodies the pinnacle of German tank technology, boasting enhanced armor protection, firepower, and electronics.

Unveiling the Intricacies of the Amusing Hobby Leopard 2A8 Model Kit

Amusing Hobby’s rendition of the Leopard 2A8 meticulously captures the essence of this formidable tank, offering a plethora of details and customization possibilities:

  • 19 Country Decal Options: Modelers can adorn their Leopard 2A8 with decals representing various nations that have employed this tank, adding a touch of authenticity and personalization.

  • Metal Barrel: A precisely crafted metal barrel enhances the realism of the model, replicating the tank’s impressive firepower.

  • 3D Printed Parts: Cutting-edge 3D printing technology ensures the accuracy and intricate detail of select components, further elevating the model’s authenticity.

  • Highly Detailed Exterior: The kit meticulously reproduces the Leopard 2A8’s exterior, capturing every nuance of its imposing form and intricate details.

Additional Features and Options for Further Customization:

  • Turret Bustle: Modelers can choose to construct the model with or without the turret bustle, adding flexibility to their creation.

  • Commander’s Cupola: The option to include or omit the commander’s cupola allows for further customization of the model’s appearance.

  • Driver’s Hatch: The model can be built with or without the driver’s hatch, adding an element of realism and choice.

  • Engine Compartment: Modelers can choose to display the engine compartment or keep it concealed, depending on their preference.

A Testament to Amusing Hobby’s Craftsmanship

The Amusing Hobby Leopard 2A8 model kit is constructed from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and ease of assembly. The clear and comprehensive instructions guide modelers through each step of the building process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Amusing Hobby’s 1/35 scale Leopard 2A8 model kit stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to precision, detail, and customization. With its extensive features, options, and historical significance, this model kit is a must-have for experienced modelers seeking a challenging and rewarding building experience.


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