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SBS Model Me-410 Cockpit Set Released

Me-410 Cockpit Set Released

Take Flight into Detail: SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410

Attention, Luftwaffe enthusiasts and meticulous modelers! SBS Model has taken precision engineering to the skies with the release of their 3D-printed cockpit set for the Airfix Me-410 Hornisse. This meticulously crafted addition promises to elevate your model to a whole new level of detail and historical accuracy.


SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-1

“Another small detail set!SBS 72081 1/72 Messerschmitt Me-410 cockpit upgrade parts for Airfix kit

This is not a complete cockpit, but allows the modeler to upgrade the most important parts of the cockpit.

Set includes new seats, control stick, rudder pedals, rear gun sight and remote controller unit

3D printed parts comes on supports”..……………………………………….SBS

To be had at: www.sbsmodel.com

Design by way of Aviation Octopus Design by way of Otto Jozsa

SBS-72081 – Messerschmitt Me-410 Cockpit Poised [Airfix] – 1:72

Please take note, when contacting shops or producers, to say that you simply noticed their merchandise highlighted right here – on Hobbyzero.

1/72 Messerschmitt Me410A-1 U2/U4

$30.73 Messerschmitt Me410A-1 U2/U4 | HLJ.com


SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-2

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-3

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-4

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-5

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-6

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-6

SBS Model Unveils 3D-Printed Cockpit Set for Airfix Me-410-7

Diving Deep into the Hornisse’s Den:

SBS Model’s set delves into the intricate heart of the Me-410, offering:

  • Highly Detailed Instruments and Consoles: Replicate the cockpit’s gauges, switches, and panels with stunning accuracy, thanks to high-resolution 3D printing technology.
  • Seatbelts and Harnesses: Add a touch of life and realism with finely detailed pilot and rear gunner seatbelts and harnesses.
  • Control Sticks and Pedals: Enhance the immersive experience with meticulously crafted control sticks and rudder pedals.
  • Interior Panelling and Structure: Reimagine the cockpit’s interior walls and framework with precise detail, bringing the space to life.

Compatibility and Customization Options:

This set seamlessly integrates with the Airfix Me-410 model, offering:

  • Direct Replacement for Kit Cockpit: No need for extensive modifications – the SBS Model set fits snugly within the existing model framework.
  • Choice of Open or Closed Canopy: Decide whether to showcase the intricate cockpit details or maintain a streamlined closed-canopy configuration.
  • Painting and Weathering Potential: The smooth 3D-printed parts provide an ideal canvas for your preferred painting and weathering techniques, allowing you to personalize your model further.

Benefits for Discerning Modelers:

This intricate cockpit set caters to modelers seeking the ultimate level of detail and historical accuracy:

  • Increased Realism and Immersion: Step into the cockpit with your eyes and imagine yourself piloting the mighty Hornisse.
  • Enhanced Historical Accuracy: Accurate instrument faces, panel layouts, and details ensure your model reflects the real aircraft faithfully.
  • Challenge and Reward for Experienced Modelers: The fine details and assembly process offer a satisfying challenge for skilled modelers.

Soar to New Heights with Your Me-410:

SBS Model’s 3D-printed cockpit set provides an invaluable tool for taking your Airfix Me-410 model to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned Luftwaffe enthusiast or a meticulous modeler seeking ultimate detail, this addition promises to elevate your creation and transform it into a true masterpiece.

Availability and Further Information:

Visit SBS Model’s website or contact authorized retailers to discover more about this exciting new release and its availability. Stay tuned for further announcements as SBS Model continues to develop innovative and detailed 3D-printed parts for various aircraft models.


  • Choose the appropriate scale and type of cockpit set to match your specific Airfix Me-410 model.
  • Research historical cockpit configurations and details for added accuracy in your painting and weathering.
  • Consider your skill level and preferred level of detail when choosing 3D-printed parts for your models.

With SBS Model’s 3D-printed cockpit set at your disposal, prepare to take your Me-410 model on a flight into the realm of meticulous detail and historical authenticity.


New 35th sale resin enhancements from SBS Model in time for SMC show

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