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Flying Leathernecks Bombs, Pods & Launch Rails Released

Bombs, Pods & Launch Rails Released

Flying Leathernecks Takes Off with New 3D-Printed Armament for Your Models

Flying Leathernecks has launched a fresh wave of 3D-printed weaponry to enhance your model aircraft’s firepower and authenticity. These meticulously crafted additions cater to various scales and aircraft types, allowing you to add a touch of realistic armament to your dioramas and static displays.

FL48-8091 - GBU-16 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb – 1:48

FL48-8091 – GBU-16 1000lb Laser Guided Bomb – 1:48

This i’m ready comprises 4 (4) GBU-16 laser guided bombs. For vacay of alignment, past nonetheless being simple to color, the steerage divisions and warheads are revealed in combination.

** Because of tiny permutations within the printers worn, it can be important to drill out the holes for the fins within the steerage division the usage of a .0292 (#69) drill bit.

Importance a little tipped sprue cutter or very well-dressed blade to take away the seeker head and fins from their helps. Bomb frame and tail divisions are got rid of from their helps previous to curing and are available as proven within the picture.

Designed through Jarrad Bradley

FL18-1009 – AN/ALQ-164 DECM Pod -1:48

This i’m ready comprises one (1) pod, consisting of 3 (3) portions. The ahead and aft cone, and a hole primary frame to let fall weight.

To be worn with our Harrier Pylon i’m ready for the Hobbyboss package

Designed through Craig Sargent

FL18-1007 – LAU-7/A-6 Missile Launchers – 1:48

This i’m ready comprises two (2) LAU-7 launchers and is designed to be worn with i’m ready FL18-1008 at the Hobbyboss AV-8B package. Can be worn with the JSI 18th scale F-14 and F/A-18.

Designed through Richard VanZandt

Please take note, when contacting outlets or producers, to say that you just noticed their merchandise highlighted right here – on Hobbyzero.


FL18-1007 - LAU-7/A-6 Missile Launchers – 1:48

FL18-1009 - AN/ALQ-164 DECM Pod -1:48

Expanding Your Model’s Arsenal:

The new lineup features three essential pieces of combat equipment:

  • GBU-16 1000lb Laser-Guided Bomb: This iconic precision munition, often carried by US attack aircraft, now comes in detailed 3D-printed form for various scales. Add a touch of modern strike capability to your models with this highly recognizable bomb.
  • AN/ALQ-164 DECM Pod: Elevate the electronic warfare aspect of your models with this 3D-printed replica of the AN/ALQ-164 pod, used to disrupt enemy radar and enhance survivability. Available in multiple scales, this addition caters to various aircraft types.
  • LAU-7/A-6 Missile Launchers: Outfit your fighter or attack aircraft models with these versatile missile launchers, compatible with various air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions. The 3D-printed details ensure a realistic representation of these essential weapon delivery systems.

Precision and Accuracy for Discerning Modelers:

Flying Leathernecks is known for its commitment to historical accuracy and meticulous detail in its 3D-printed parts. These new releases feature:

  • Accurate Dimensions and Design: Based on precise measurements and technical data, these parts faithfully replicate the real-world counterparts.
  • Sharp Details and Crisp Surfaces: High-quality 3D printing technology ensures clean lines and intricate details, enhancing the visual appeal of your models.
  • Multiple Scale Options: Cater to your specific modeling needs with the availability of various scales for each armament piece.

Adding Depth and Realism to Your Models:

These 3D-printed weapons offer several benefits for modelers:

  • Enhance Visual Appeal: The detailed armament adds a layer of realism and visual interest to your models, making them stand out.
  • Historical Accuracy: Accurately represent specific aircraft configurations and loadouts, boosting the historical authenticity of your displays.
  • Customization Options: Choose from various weapons and scales to personalize your models and tailor them to specific historical scenarios.

Taking Your Models to the Next Level:

Flying Leathernecks’ new 3D-printed armament pieces provide a convenient and effective way to elevate your model aircraft to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned modeler seeking historical accuracy or a newcomer looking to add some firepower, these detailed additions offer a valuable resource for bringing your aviation creations to life.

Availability and Further Information:

Visit Flying Leathernecks’ website or contact authorized retailers to explore the full range of 3D-printed parts and accessories for various aircraft models. Stay tuned for further releases as Flying Leathernecks continues to expand its offerings with new and exciting armament options for your model collection.


  • These 3D-printed parts require careful handling and painting to achieve optimal results.
  • Choose the appropriate scale and type of armament to match your specific model aircraft.
  • Research historical configurations and loadouts for added accuracy and realism in your displays.

With Flying Leathernecks’ new 3D-printed weapons, you can confidently equip your model aircraft for any mission, adding a touch of firepower and historical authenticity to your collection.


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