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Preview: I Love Kit Enters December With 4 Models

Preview: I Love Kit Enters December With 4 Models

Preview: 4 more American Models in December from I Love Kit

I Love Kit shared up-to-date information about the new kits to be released in December. Box designs and Sprues.
There are 4 US Army legends from the past and present in the new releases of I Love Kit, which will be released in December. In our preview, we look at the box art, spruces, paints, marking options, and more…
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1/35 M1278A1 Heavy Gun Carrier Modification With M153 CROWS


  • Model:63537
  • 1/35th scale
  • Price: $52.00

The M1278A1 Heavy Gun Carrier Modification With M153 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station, or CROWS, is a significant improvement to the U.S. Army’s ability to provide heavy direct fire support.

The M1278A1 HGC Mod with CROWS gives the Army a vehicle that is better protected and has a higher rate of fire than previous versions. This new system will help the Army to better support infantry units in combat situations.



1/16 M4A3E8 Medium Tank WWII w/T66 Tracks

116 M4A3E8 Medium Tank WWII wT66 Tracks Art

  • Model:61615
  • 1/16th scale
  • Price: $124.00
In the early days of World War II, the United States searched for a new medium tank that could compete with the German tanks dominating the battlefields. The M4A3E8 was the answer to their prayers.
This tank was armed with a powerful 75mm gun and thick armor that could withstand almost anything the Germans could throw. The M4A3E8 became one of the most feared tanks on the battlefield and helped turn the tide of the war in favor of the Allies.

In the early days of World War II, the United States developed the M4 Sherman tank to counter the German Panzer tanks. The M4A3E8 was an improved version of the Sherman that was used in the later stages of the war. It had a more powerful engine and more armor-plating. The M4A3E8 was one of the most successful tanks used by the Allies in World War II.

1/35 M1001 W/M790 Erector Launcher Trailer

135 M1001 WM790 Erector Lanucher Trailer Box Art

  • Model:63527
  • 1/35th scale
  • Price: $131.00
The M1001 w M790 Erector Launcher Trailer was designed to provide the military with a versatile and mobile surface-to-air missile system. The system consists of an erector launcher, which can be configured to launch either the Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) or the Extended Range Missile (ERM), and a trailer-mounted generator and control station. The system is designed to be quickly deployed and set up and can be operated by a crew of two.

1/35 M48A1 MBT

135 M48A1 MBT Box Art


  • Model:63531
  • 1/35th scale
  • Price: $65.00

The M48A1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) was an American-made armored fighting vehicle. It was used by the United States Army and Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. The M48A1 was the first mass-produced MBT in the United States and was based on the earlier T54/55 series of Soviet tanks. More than 12,000 M48A1s were built between 1952 and 1959.

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