Underground base near Area 51 on Google Maps

AREA 51 on Google Maps

AREA 51 on Google Maps

Scott C. Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel claimed to have discovered an underground base near Area 51 on Google Maps. The underground base, which Waring thinks was built under a mountain, has three entrances and two ventilation outlets.

Owned by the United States Air Force, Area 51 has been one of the most mysterious and controversial places in the world for many years. There are many conspiracy theories about the area that was built on the Nevada Desert and where flying is prohibited. The prohibitions in the region increase the number of such theories considerably.

According to the most well-known theory that has been going on for years, the US hides aliens and spacecraft in this region. Many conspiracy theorists have provided evidence to make these claims consistent. It has even been claimed that UFO remains have been found in the area. UFO enthusiast Scott C. Waring, who now owns a YouTube channel focused on looking for signs of extraterrestrial life, claims to have discovered an underground base near Area 51.

Are aliens and spacecraft hiding on this base?

Noticing strange entrances on a mountain near Area 51, Waring says he used Google Earth to study the facility. Claiming that there are one large and two small entrances of 18 meters by 9 meters, Waring claims that there are two ventilation pipes extending from the largest entrance towards the top of the mountain and with exits above.

In addition, YouTuber says that there are two structures that he describes as “protection towers” in the underground base located between the 51st Area and Nellis Air Force Base, and also claims that he saw a 30-meter UFO parked on a runway in 2006 records, with electrical pipes from inside.

The 51st Region, built in the middle of the 20th century, has been constantly remembered by urban legends since the day it was built. Some people think that the area where the US authorities did not acknowledge its existence until 2013 was the place where the government hid UFOs and aliens. Also, many people have claimed to have seen unidentified spacecraft on or near the site.

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