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Voyager Flak36 Photoetch Set

Voyager Flak36 Photoetch Set

Voyager Flak36 Photoetch Set 1/35

Voyager presents its latest update set for photoetch for the 1/35 scale Border BT-013 pack of the Flak36. A substantial and comprehensive set that enhances the kit with lots of photoetch parts for the gun and trailer.

The Flak36 was an anti-aircraft gun used by German forces during World War II and with this update set from Voyager Models, builders can add more detail and accuracy to their model than ever before. The photoetch included in this set adds a wealth of intricate details to both the gun and trailer such as ladders, frames, handles, straps, and so on. These parts are made using thin and accurate photoetched metal which adds realism when assembled onto your model. Additionally, it also includes some turned brass barrels giving you even more options when building your masterpiece.


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