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What is the meaning of model kit?

What is the meaning of model kit?

Scale model kits represent real or imaginary objects in a reduced size down to the millimeter, sometimes with an error of not more than 5%. Most models are made of plastic.

What is a model made of?

Almost all models produced today are made of plastic. This type of plastic, called polystyrene, is the main raw material of most of the scale models produced in mold printing. That’s why the resulting product is called a Plastic model kit.

How is a model kit made?

Model kits are made by a process called injection molding. A mold is created, usually, from steel and plastic, that can be used to form the shape of the product. Some parts are then assembled to make the finished product, using each piece’s location in the mold as its starting point for where it should go.

What was the first model kit?

The first model kit was the Meccano “No. 2 Motor Car,” a 1913 model of an early car by the Meccano Company. This kit included wheels, axles, and springs which provided motorized movement to work out how it would move.

The first model kit, often referred to as a snap-together model kit, was the Airfix 1/144 scale Heinkel He111 bomber. The kit appeared in 1943 and was made from plastic pieces that were cast in the same mold and went together without glues. This changed the world of model kits forever.

Are model kits figures?

Model kits are not figures, but rather detailed models that can be assembled in multiple configurations from an assortment of interchangeable parts. They are often used to create spaceships and vehicles but have also been used to create game-like replicas of houses, cities, and even entire planets. Although many model kits involve a level of assembly and do not involve any painting or major customization options, this is not always the case. Some kit manufacturers may do some customization for their models before shipping them to customers.

Are model kits toys?

Model kits are not toys but rather they are hobby tools used to build replicas of vehicles and airplanes. Model kits are available as an assembled model or a kit that requires careful assembly by the consumer. Models can be built out of plastic, resin, or metal and come in scales ranging between 1/12 to 1/400. There are “model kits for kids” and “model kits for adults“, depending on the degree of difficulty.

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