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Mercedes-Benz Mythos Announces Ultra Luxury Car Brand

Mercedes-Benz Mythos Announces Ultra Luxury Car Brand

Mercedes-Benz Announces Ultra Luxury and Special Car Brand for Those Who Don’t Find ‘Mercedes’ Luxury Enough: Mercedes-Benz MYTHOS

It announced its new brand, named “Mercedes-Benz MYTHOS“. All of the cars that will be produced under the new brand created for ultra-luxury and special cars will be collectibles. It is not known what the first models of MYTHOS will be.

Germany-based auto giant Mercedes-Benz held an event in France. Explaining its plans for the future at this event, the company also made a surprise that will leave everyone’s mouth open. According to the statements made, Mercedes-Benz is establishing a new brand. Named “MYTHOS“, this brand will include Mercedes’ ultra-luxury and limited edition cars. Such a decision by Mercedes, which is already accepted as the definition of a ‘luxury car’, may herald a new trend of luxury cars in the industry.

At the event held by Mercedes-Benz, its strategies to increase its profitability and its plans for electricity conversion were discussed. But the highlight of the event was undoubtedly MYTHOS. With this brand, the company will target only the truly very wealthy and make special editions of models, many of which are unique. The vehicles to be produced under the MYTHOS brand are currently unknown.

All MYTHOS branded cars will be collectibles Mercedes-Benz

Ultra Luxury Car Brand: MYTHOS

When we look at the statements about MYTHOS, we see that all of the cars that will be produced under this brand name will be collectibles. The company will convey the combination of ultra-luxury and ultra-special terms with MYTHOS. According to Mercedes-Benz officials, these cars will be produced only for the most avid Mercedes fans. Let’s also say that these cars will have customization options.

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Although the cars to be produced under the MYTHOS brand are not mentioned in the statements made by Mercedes-Benz, we can do a little brainstorming. For example, one of the company’s most expensive vehicles is the G-Class SUV. This vehicle sells for around $160,000. The company may renew this model, which it calls “Mercedes-AMG G 63“, in a special way and put it on sale under the MYTHOS brand. The last word Mercedes-Benz will say about MYTHOS is already a matter of curiosity…


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