What is

Scale model? What is meant by the scale model?

What is a scale model

What is a scale model? What is meant by the scale model?

A scale model is a physical model (known as a prototype) that is geometrically shaped like an object. Scale models are usually smaller than large prototypes such as airplanes, ships, trains, vehicles, buildings, or people; however, they can be larger than small prototypes such as anatomical structures or subatomic particles. Scale models are used as tools in engineering design and testing, promotion and sales, filmmaking special effects, military strategy, and hobbies such as war games and racing; and as a toy. Model making is also done as a hobby for the craft.

What is a scale model and how does it work?

Scale models are made of molded plastic, 3D printing, wood, or metal. They are usually painted with enamel, lacquer, or acrylic and decals can be applied for lettering and fine details. Protective glossy varnish and matte varnish are applied. Pollution and weathering processes are applied for a realistic appearance. They can be built from scratch or from commercially made kits, out of the box or modified (known as kitbashing).

Model prototypes include all types of vehicles (railroad trains, cars, trucks, military vehicles, airplanes, ships, and spacecraft), buildings, people, and science fiction themes (spaceships and robots).

What is the formula for the scale model?

You should divide your actual size by the model. For example, if your actual size is 4m and your model is 16cm, divide 4/16 =1/4 and that means the ratio will be 1:4


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