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Atak Model: Zimmerit for Tiger I and Jagdpanzer

Atak Model: Zimmerit for Tiger I and Jagdpanzer

Atak Model: Zimmerit for Tiger I and Jagdpanzer

Atak Model has announced that it will launch two new Zimmerit kits for WWII German Tiger and Jagdpanzer AFVs. A set for Panther Ausf has been re-released, as well as an old set.

Zimmerit for Tiger I , Jagdpanzer IV L and Panter A


1:35 Scale Tiger I Late Production by Ryefield Model


Zimmerit and WWII

Zimmerit was a paste material that was applied to German armored fighting vehicles during World War II. It served primarily to protect the tanks from magnetic mines, but it also had an aesthetic purpose. Developed in 1943 by Dr. Johannes Zimmer, Zimmerit was used on many German tanks and tank destroyers, including the famous Tiger I and Jagdpanzer of WWII.

This material provided a unique look for these AFVs; it gave them a jagged or ridged pattern which made them more difficult to detect on radar screens and less likely to be impacted by magnetic mines. While its effectiveness is still debated today, there is no doubt that Zimmerit played an important role in the war effort of Germany’s armed forces during WWII. Furthermore, its distinctive appearance has come to be recognized as one of the iconic visuals associated with the conflict.

Development of Zimmerit for Tiger I

The German Tiger I tank was one of the most feared weapons on the battlefield during World War II. Its thick armor and powerful 88-millimeter gun made it a formidable opponent to Allied forces, but it had one weakness – its sides were vulnerable to magnetic mines. To counter this vulnerability, the Germans developed Zimmerit, an anti-magnetic paste that was applied to the sides of their tanks.

Zimmerit was first used by the Germans in 1943 and production continued until September 1944 when it was discontinued due to delays in application caused by its slow drying time. The paste was composed of various compounds such as sawdust, linseed oil, and varnish which together created a unique pattern on each tank’s side armor. This non-slip texture prevented magnetic mines from sticking to the surface and making contact with steel plates beneath.

Border Model One Box Two Jagdpanzer IV L70/A

Advantages of Zimmerit

Zimmerit was a coating used to protect armored tanks and vehicle hulls from magnetic mines during World War II. Zimmerit for the Tiger I and Jagdpanzer provided significant advantages in battle.

The most important advantage of Zimmerit was that it prevented magnetic mines from effectively sticking to the surface of vehicles, thus preventing the destruction of tanks at a distance. In addition, Zimmerit also served as an effective camouflage technique when applied to vehicles operating in urban environments. The rough texture created by Zimmerit made it difficult for enemy forces to detect its presence or movement on the battlefield. Finally, Zimmerit also provided some protection against small arms fire due to its thick layer of coating over armored steel plates.

Disadvantages of Zimmerit

Despite its protective properties, Zimmerit has some significant drawbacks.

One of the primary disadvantages of Zimmerit is that it corrodes quickly and easily due to exposure to water, heat, or other elements. This can cause the paste to flake off, leaving the tank vulnerable to attack. In addition, applying Zimmerit requires a great deal of time and effort as it must be applied evenly across all surfaces of the vehicle in order for it to effectively insulate against magnetic mines. Furthermore, because Zimmerit is not permanent, it needs to be reapplied regularly in order for it remains effective at protecting the tank from magnetic mines.


The conclusion of the Atak Zimmerit for Tiger I and Jagdpanzer article can be summed up in two words: highly recommended. Not only did this product provide an excellent level of detail, but it also allowed modelers to add a historically accurate feature to their models with ease. Consequently, this product is highly recommended for anyone looking to recreate the Tiger I or Jagdpanzer vehicles on a miniature scale.

Atak Zimmerit’s high-quality range has provided modelers with an easy way to reproduce the Zimmerit coating found on late-war German tanks. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that the texture and shape of its products accurately reflect those found on original vehicles, thereby providing modelers with an authentic representation of these iconic World War II machines.


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