The fan-made Mandalorian game looks interesting!

The mandalorian game

The Mandalorian game looks interesting!

A video that allegedly belongs to the fan-made Mandalorian game, although it seems fake, has been uploaded to Youtube, which may attract the attention of Star Wars lovers.

A video allegedly belonging to the fan-made Mandalorian game was posted on Youtube yesterday. Although the gameplay video looks blatantly fake, it contains some interesting details. Of course, there is Baby Yoda on the loading screen of the game.

In the video, Mando is seen colliding with Stormtroopers in a Star Wars-like setting.

The fan-made Mandalorian game is fake but interesting

Mando’s special powers and special outfits can be seen in the video. You can also interact with the surrounding object of your character. However, the first implication that the game is “fake” is the obsolescence of the game menu. The game’s menu is reminiscent of the Playstation 2 style and is obviously not suitable for 4K televisions. It is also stated that the description on the loading screen of the game was taken from a fandom site for Star Wars.

The graphics of the game are also reminiscent of the Playstation 2 era and the character animations are a bit like a log. It’s unclear why one—or a few—people would attempt such a feat, but time will tell if this “fan-made” game or video is about a Mandalorian game in development. Still, Star Wars fans may find the video interesting.


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