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Furball Aero Design USMC Rhinos Decal Set Released

USMC Rhinos Decal Set Released

Furball Aero Design Unveils “USMC Rhinos PT3” Decal Set for McDonnell Douglas F-4J/N Phantom II

Enthusiasts of the legendary McDonnell Douglas F-4J/N Phantom II can now rejoice, as Furball Aero Design has released a brand-new set of 1:48 scale decals dubbed “USMC Rhinos PT3.” This meticulously crafted set offers a comprehensive collection of markings for eight F-4Ns and two F-4Js, spanning the aircraft’s illustrious career with the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Furball Aero Design Unveils "USMC Rhinos PT3" Decal Set for McDonnell Douglas F-4J/N Phantom II

48-089 “USMC Rhinos PT3” has choices for 8 F-4Ns and a pair of F-4Js. 

  • VMFA-321 F-4N 153207, NAF Andrews, 1978 “MG-00”
  • VMFA-314 F-4N 152237, MCAS El Toro, 1973 “VW-6”
  • VMFA-314 F-4N 150640, MCAS El Toro, 1978 “VW-00”
  • VMFA-531 F-4N 152223, MCAS Cherry Level, 1978 “EC-01”
  • VMFAT-101 F-4N 150630, MCAS Yuma, 1977 “SH-32”
  • VMFA-531 F-4N 153050, USS Coral Sea, 1979 “NK-210/ Catwalker”, Operation Eagle Claw
  • VMFA-531 F-4N 153023, USS Coral Sea, 1979 “NK-206/ Hulk”, Operation Eagle Claw
  • VMFA-323 F-4N 150480, USS Coral Sea, 1979 “NK-100”, Operation Eagle Claw
  • VMFA-451, F-4J 153889, MCAS Beaufort, 1978 “VM-1”
  • VMFA-333, F-4J 155511, USS Nimitz, 1975 “AJ-127”

The “USMC Rhinos PT3” decal set caters to both seasoned modelers and newcomers alike, providing a plethora of options to recreate iconic USMC Phantom II configurations. Each decal sheet is meticulously printed using high-quality materials, ensuring sharp details and vibrant colors.

Among the highlights of the set are decals for VMFA-321 F-4N 153207, bearing the striking “MG-00” tail code, which famously served at NAF Andrews in 1978. Additionally, decals for VMFA-314 F-4N 152237 and VMFA-314 F-4N 150640, both adorned with their respective “VW-6” and “VW-00” tail codes, are included, allowing modelers to depict these aircraft during their tenure at MCAS El Toro in 1973 and 1978, respectively.

The set also encompasses decals for VMFA-531 F-4N 152223, showcasing the distinctive “EC-01” tail code, which proudly represented the squadron at MCAS Cherry Point in 1978. Furthermore, enthusiasts can recreate VMFAT-101 F-4N 150630, bearing the bold “SH-32” tail code, as it appeared at MCAS Yuma in 1977.

The “USMC Rhinos PT3” decal set serves as a testament to Furball Aero Design’s unwavering commitment to providing modelers with the finest decals available. With its exceptional accuracy, comprehensive options, and meticulous craftsmanship, this set is poised to become a cornerstone of any Phantom II enthusiast’s collection.

Key Features:

  • 1:48 scale decals for McDonnell Douglas F-4J/N Phantom II
  • Accurately replicated markings for eight F-4Ns and two F-4Js
  • High-quality materials for sharp details and vibrant colors
  • Comprehensive options for recreating iconic USMC Phantom II configurations


The “USMC Rhinos PT3” decal set is now available directly from Furball Aero Design’s website. Modelers worldwide can order this exceptional set and embark on their journey of recreating these legendary USMC Phantom IIs.


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