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Weathering pencils with AK-INTERACTIVE : Applying red pencil

Here’s how to apply AK Interactive red weathering pencils to create realistic rust effects on your model:


  • AK Interactive Red Weathering Pencil (sharpened)
  • Water cup
  • Small, soft bristle brush
  • Cotton swabs (optional)
  • Model with a painted base coat (ideally a metallic color for rust effects)


  1. Ensure your model is completely dry and free of dust or grease.

Applying the rust effect:

  1. Use the red weathering pencil to gently scratch the surface in areas where you want rust to appear. Focus on edges, corners, around rivets and hatches, or anywhere metal would naturally show wear and tear. The pressure you apply will determine the chip size; lighter strokes for smaller rust spots, and heavier strokes for larger areas.

  2. Dip your brush lightly in clean water. Avoid soaking the brush, too much water will cause the pigment to dissolve excessively.

  3. Dab the damp brush onto the areas marked with the red pencil. The water will reactivate the pigment, creating a rust stain as it spreads.

  4. Build up the effect gradually. Start with light dabs and observe how the rust pattern develops. You can always add more for a more prominent effect, but removing excess is trickier.

  5. Control the water flow: If the rust effect becomes too exaggerated or bleeds too much, use a dry brush or cotton swab to absorb some of the excess moisture.

Additional Tips:

  • Work in sections and allow each area to dry completely before moving on. This gives you more control over the placement of the rust effect.
  • Practice on a scrap piece of plastic or a spare model part before applying the pencil to your main model. Weathering pencils react differently than regular pencils, so it’s helpful to experiment beforehand.
  • Vary the pressure and direction of your strokes to create a more natural rust pattern. Real rust rarely occurs uniformly.
  • Clean your brush regularly with clean water to prevent color contamination.

By following these steps and practicing your technique, you can effectively use AK Interactive red weathering pencils to add a touch of rust and weathering to your scale models.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Layering: You can use other weathering pencils or pigments (like browns, yellows, and oranges) alongside the red to create a more complex and realistic rust effect with different stages of oxidation.
  • Sealing: Once you’re satisfied with the weathering effects, apply a coat of matte varnish to seal the pigments and protect your paint job.
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Weathering Pencils with AK-INTERACTIVE : Yellow base

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