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Angels of Absolution: Grimdark Intercessor

While “Grimdark Intercessor” doesn’t refer to a specific technique or product, it likely describes a desired aesthetic for painting Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Intercessor figures – a dark, gritty, and battle-worn look commonly associated with the Grimdark style. Here’s a general guide on achieving this aesthetic:


  1. Assemble your Intercessor model and ensure it’s free of mold lines, gaps, and any imperfections. You can use a hobby knife, files, and plastic glue for this purpose.
  2. **Prime your model with a black primer. This creates a dark base and helps subsequent paint layers adhere better.

Base Painting:

  1. Choose a dark base color for the armor. Popular options include black, dark gray, or a dark blue-green. Apply a thin, even coat of your chosen base color.
  2. Lightly dry brush a slightly lighter shade of your base color onto raised areas of the armor. This will create subtle highlights and definition.

Washing and Weathering:

  1. Apply a dark wash all over the model. This helps to recess the shadows, accentuate details, and create a grimy appearance.
  2. Use a damp brush to gently remove some of the wash from raised areas, leaving it concentrated in the recesses. This helps maintain some definition while creating a grimy effect.
  3. Once the wash is dry, you can further enhance the weathering effects using various techniques:
    • Chipping: Use a fine brush and a lighter color (e.g., silver or gray) to create small chips and scratches on the armor, simulating battle damage.
    • Streaking: Apply streaks of rust or grime using washes or pigments diluted with water. Focus on areas like vents, weapon joints, and around rivets.
    • Weathering powders: Apply a small amount of weathering powders (e.g., rust, mud) to specific areas to create a dusty or grimy effect.

Additional Details:

  1. Paint the eyes and other details like the bolter (gun) and backpack using appropriate colors.
  2. Apply decals or freehand paint any markings or symbols specific to your chosen Chapter or squad.

Finishing Touches:

  1. Once all the painting and detailing is complete, you can apply a matte varnish to seal the paint and protect your work.
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  • Use reference images of Grimdark-painted Intercessors online for inspiration and guidance.
  • Start with thin paint layers and gradually build them up. This helps to maintain control and avoid mistakes.
  • Practice different weathering techniques on scrap pieces before applying them to your actual model.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and personalize your Intercessors with unique weathering effects.

Remember, achieving the perfect Grimdark style might take some practice and refinement. However, with patience and a bit of creativity, you can bring your Intercessors to life with a dark and gritty aesthetic.

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