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Homemade spray booth for models

Homemade spray booth for models, Build Your Own Spray Booth

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DIY Hobby Spray Booth

If you are a professional modeler, if you want to make a high performance paint booth, this article titled “Homemade spray booth for models” is for you. All you need is some basic tools, common materials and a few hours to build.

We recently created our own hobby spray booth, which was very good for us, so we prepared this article to show how we do it. Choose your preferred wood type, follow the instructions and start building your spray booth.

Below, we highlight some of the benefits of our hobby spray booth.

Hobby Spray Booth Specifications

Filtrete 12x24x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1500, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 11.69 x 23.69…

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Choosing A Blower For The Hobby Spray Booth

The fan model we use in our project is Dayton 6FHX9 Blower

We chose this Dayton blower because it was quiet and powerful. We’ve done comparison tests of several different blowers and fans, the Dayton 6FHX9 was the quietest, the best performance against static pressure, and the best overall performance from other similar blowers (265 CFM). We also received positive feedback from many readers about their blowers.

We know that Amazon’s retail pricing can be a bit expensive, so if you don’t mind the cost, we recommend you buy this model. If you have chosen to use a different blower and your exhaust pipe is longer than 8 meters in operation, be sure to withstand static pressure similar to the Dayton blower.

Make sure that the key features are as specified in the following table.

Cording to the blower

This type of blower does not come wired, so you will have to get a grounded power cord and wiring it yourself. This process is extremely simple, literally only 3 wires; 1 positive, 1 negative and 1 ground. Don’t worry, you won’t need any prior knowledge or electrical knowledge to wire the blower.

Stanley 31939 Grounded 3-Wire – 9ft. Replacement Cord 15 AMP,Black

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. Conductors stripped 3/8" for easy replacement Polarized cord for medium duty appliances & power tools

Cording the Dayton Blower 6FHX9

Fan Mounting Panel

We used 24 gauge galvanized steel for the fan mounting panel, so that we could only discharge the top or bottom by turning the panel. We installed the blower outside so that the motor windings would not be damaged by harmful paints and solvents.

M-D Building Products Galvanized 56020 1 2-Feet Steel Sheet

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. 28-gauge steel Solid galvanized steel sheet

Mounting the Dayton Blower 6FHX9 to the Fan Mount Panel

Square Round Fan Adapter

When we installed the spray booth, we created our own square-round adapter. People started asking us where to buy an adapter, so we started looking for an adapter that would work. After much research, we concluded that there was no commercially available adapter to switch from the blower’s square flange to a round duct outlet. We’ve found that we can add value if we make this adapter commercially available.

Current Information:

We adapted this product we found to our project. We removed the triangular sections in the header of the adapter we bought according to the fan dimensions we will use. The piece we obtained has become suitable for our project. You can buy the square-round adapter here.

square round hose adapter

This product allows the Dayton Blower 6FHX9 to be ventilated using a standard 4 “inch diameter circular duct. This adapter can be used with rigid, semi-rigid or flexible ducts.

Note: You must bend the flange flush with the blower body for proper alignment of the adapter’s bolt arrangement.

Warning: Flange sizes and bolt patterns may vary and may not match other blowers.

Deflecto Dryer Vent, Wide Mouth Galvanized Vent Hood with Pipe, Silver, 4” (GVH4NR)

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number. 4” wide mouth galvanized vent hood and pipe, perfect for dryer or bathroom venting Vent hood is 5 7/8" wide by 6” tall, and angled out to 3 3/4"

How to Install the Square to Round Fan Adapter for DIY Hobby Spray Booth

Filter Rack

When we created the filter rack for our spray booth, we used 24 carat galvanized steel, and we realize that most people will not be able to use it. The filter rack can be made of wood, it can be plywood that you use to create the cabinet. If you want to use a different filter, you can browse the options here.

For example, if you use an expensive allergen filter, cheap standard furnace filters work best. Strain the furnace filter, restrict flow and cause insufficient ventilation.

How to Install the Filter Rack for the DIY Hobby Spray Booth

Homemade spray booth for models Lighting

We decided not to include the internal lights in the booth, but instead we used Plexiglass as the top panel. In this way, the light could easily enter the cabin and we could quickly adjust the light depending on where we are and what we do. We recommend 1/8 “to 1/4” Plexiglass, but you can use any translucent material. Local hardware stores should have something available in stock, but thickness, size and materials may vary. We used a table saw to cut the material, but a circular saw will work. Be sure to adjust the depth of the saw blade only to clean the material, otherwise the material may detach, crack or saw chips.

Wood Alternative

The spray booth used in this article is built using a Vent Works Filter Rack and Fan Mounting Panel, but you can also make these parts yourself using wood. If you are using wood for the fan mounting panel, the final process shown in the Mounting the Dayton Blower 6FHX9 to the Fan Mounting Panel video will be the same. You will have to create a panel, cut the hole, drill pilot holes in the panel and fan, and provide proper hardware and air tightness.

Below are images of a cabinet created using the same plywood, filter frame, fan mounting panel, and top panel (instead of Plexiglas) for the cabinet.

DIY Hobby Spray Booth

We have come to the end of our article titled Homemade spray booth for models. We welcome your comments and questions about the content. You can stay on track by visiting our Social Media accounts.

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4 thoughts on “Homemade spray booth for models

  1. This looks pretty cool. I am used to using old fans from used computer towers, cardboard boxes and 4 inch dryer duct. Something a little more permanent would be cool instead of having to salvage these parts like usual. I may give this a try. Very well done !

    1. admin says:

      Our experience increases one more time with your comments. We are motivated to prepare new informative articles. We will be much happier if you share your experiences with us.

  2. Shawn Hartzell says:

    Where do I go to get the square round hose adapter you talk about in your homemade booth blog?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Shawn;
      We adapted this product we found to our project. We removed the triangular sections in the header of the adapter we bought according to the fan dimensions we will use. The piece we obtained has become suitable for our project. You can buy the square-round adapter here.

      We also updated the title related to your question.

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