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Bugatti New SuperCar Revealed. Is it really Super and #1?

Bugatti New SuperCar Revealed-2

Bugatti New SuperCar Revealed

A naked version of the new supercar of Bugatti, a French automaker affiliated to Volkswagen Group, has been revealed. The new image also shows how big the vehicle’s powertrain will be.

One of the first car manufacturers to come to mind when it comes to luxury and supercars, France-based Bugatti’s new supercar has emerged mysteriously. While the vehicle does not have a visible body in the image, it is clear how much space the vehicle’s gigantic powertrain takes up.

The luxury car manufacturer did not share any information about its new car, except for the image you can see below. The only text accompanying the shared image is “What about ..?” happened. Moreover, what this means is not yet known.

Bugatti leaks naked version of his new supercar

Bugatti New Super Car Revealed
Shortly before this, this mysterious new car from Bugatti appeared on a track with its body. The car, whose nose is very close to the ground, has a very rigid appearance with large battery holes and roof air intake. There are also winglets and X-shaped taillights in the luggage area of ​​the vehicle.

Bugatti Chiron supersport???

We can also get an idea of ​​the interior of the car in the nude picture of this Bugatti New SuperCar. The rider sits in a racing seat with his legs on his hips. Of course, as can be understood from here, the cabin part of this car will not be as luxurious as in other Bugatti cars.

The information emerging about the car at the moment shows that it will be a special racing vehicle. The vehicle is expected to use an engine similar to the 8.0-liter W16 with four turbochargers and 1,578 horsepower. The company is expected to introduce this new mysterious car on October 28th. It is also stated that Bugatti, which is rumored to be sold from Volkswagen to Rimac, may be the last gift to Volkswagen.

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