The World’s Largest Commercial Jet Engine GE9X

The World's Largest Commercial Jet Engine GE9X, Alone as Thick as an Airframe, Receives Official Approval

World’s Largest Commercial Jet Engine GE9X Receives Official Approval

The huge GE9X turbofan jet engine, developed for Boeing’s 777X aircraft, signed by General Electric, received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration. The radius of the engine is close to the body of the Boeing 737.

US-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which had to lay off thousands of its employees due to the difficulties experienced before and after the pandemic period, has been awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of GE Aviation signed GE9X turbofan jet engines to be used in the Boeing 777X, which is the world’s largest and most efficient passenger aircraft. announced that it managed to get approval.

The GE9X turbofan jet engine, which also closed the FAA approval and left no obstacles for production, also became the world’s largest commercial jet engine. This gigantic engine, which made its first flight with 777Xs on January 25, enables a large number of people to travel in the most efficient way. After the engine was approved by the FAA, GE Aviation CEO John Slattery said, “There is no alternative to the triangle GE9X formed with its size, power, and fuel efficiency. “This engine will make our customers stand out in terms of safety and value.”

The World's Largest Commercial Jet Engine GE9X

The World’s Largest Commercial Jet Engine GE9X

Features of GE9X turbofan jet engine

GE9X, which has a fan of around 3.5 meters in diameter, has 16 fan blades. The size of the engine, which can provide 490 kN of thrust thanks to this enormous size, is almost the same size as the body of the Boeing 737. If we compare the power of the engine, we can say that the Boeing 747‘s two engines provide twice the total power.

Despite this enormous power, the GE9X is announced to have 10 percent lower fuel consumption, and when combined with the foldable Boeing 777X, it is expected to form the most ambitious aircraft of today. Depending on the configuration, the plane, which has a capacity of 384 or 436 passengers at a time, will enter service in 2022.

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