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Lamborghini Sian LEGO Technic 1:8 with breathtaking details


The Lamborghini Sian LEGO Technic, which is the last piece that joins the family, seems to be a more challenging set than Bugatti Chiron.

For the true enthusiasts, a new one has been added to the LEGO Technic projects, which have returned to the center of nirvana projects. Lamborghini Sian, which is included in the supercar series of the set after examples such as Bugatti and Porsche, has mechanical parts that cannot be missed with its technical details. After the partnership between LEGO and Lambo, the model that will officially take its place on the shelves appears on a 1: 8 scale. Lamborghini Sian LEGO Technic, which is 60 cm long, 25 cm wide, and 9 cm high when completed, also impresses with its box design.

What you need to know about the Lamborghini Sian LEGO Technic project

We see that the model, which is in the same code as the green color used in the real version, consists of a total of 3,696 pieces. It should be noted that this value is more than Bugatti Chiron presented in the same series. As we mentioned before, there are many active parts of the infrastructure of the model. The rear wing and steering box stand out among them.

The transfer of the engine, which is one of our favorite details of the series, is also successful here. A copy of the V12 engine offered in Sian is waiting for its enthusiasts. There is no doubt that having Sian, which is offered for sale at prices starting from 2 million euros, excluding taxes, is more accessible with this set. The set is expected to go on sale for $ 349. Sales will start on June 1 in official stores and on our website and will be available to the global market from August 1 for suppliers.


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  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-79
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-78
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-76
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-73
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-69
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-68
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-67
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-65
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-64
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-61
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-Box
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-Box-59
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-Box-57
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-56
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-53
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-52
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-48
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-43
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-42
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-39
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-37
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-35
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-34
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-33
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-32
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-31
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-28
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-25
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-24
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-23
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-22
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-21
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-20
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-19
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-18
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-17
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-16
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-15
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-14
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-13
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-12
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-11
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-10
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-8
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-7
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-6
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-5
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-4
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-3
  • Lego-Technic-Lamborghini-Sian-2
  • lamborghini-sian-fkp-37-lego-technic-15

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