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Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3 1 Box review.

Revell Tornado ASSTA 3-1 Model Kit 148 Scale

Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3 1 Box Review

Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3.1 Prototype: Avionic System Software for Tornado in Ada condenses into the acronym ASSTA. The term Ada stands for the programming language used. All remaining 85 ECR and IDS Tornados of the Luftwaffe received this 3rd stage of modernization. This equips them for improved communication and the use of modern precision-guided missiles and the Reccelite Pod in the scout role.

Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3 1 kit: The notorious and only useful for the dealer shelf, the limp box contains four plastic bags secured with scotch tape with a total of 14 light gray spray frames and a bag with the frame of the transparent parts, the decal sheet and the stapled 36-page colored one Building instructions.

The molds, which are now six years old, still show no signs of wear. The coordination of core and cavity is good so that no misalignment or burring has occurred. The transparent parts have an astonishingly flawless surface despite the tight packing with damaging friction of the components and, despite the relatively large material thickness, a high degree of freedom from distortion. Compared to the original Tornado IDS kit, the U-cast frame with cockpit details, the reccelite pod, the sensors on the fuselage and tail unit, and two small parts positioned on the outside of the transparent frame for the reconnaissance pod and the equipment tunnel on the back of the fuselage have been added.

The construction of the kit is relatively complicated. In order to be able to represent the multitude of versions (IDS, ECR, ADV, size 4) with their specifics on the outer shell with sufficient accuracy, the designer (Ivo Braghin) chose an inner construction with various different outer applications. For the construction of the model, you have to take a rest a lot of time. The level of detail is very high, a rotated metal pitot should be added as additional material. If you don’t like cast seat belts, buy resin ejection seats or an entire cockpit. Chassis parts, wheels, and thrusters are excellent for an injection molded model.

Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3 1 Instructions/Painting: The assembly instructions are clear and unambiguous and guide you through the assembly in 103 (!) steps. The painting suggestions form the final part. The color specifications refer exclusively to the Revell color system. Other manufacturers are further along! In addition, the color of the exterior paint (after all, FS 35237 is expressly mentioned!) must be mixed from two basic tones. Such basic shades as FS 35237 and others. m. simply belong in the basic color range!

The decals, printed by Zanchetti in Italy and designed by Andreas Klein (AirDoc), are still a highlight of many Revell kits. The elements are printed without offset, the colors are realistic. Unfortunately, a matt coating was chosen again. There are 186 different items listed on the sheet. Since many are available twice or more than once, the experienced model builder has to deal with more than 400 decals that have to be placed exactly. Displayable aircraft are:

98+77 WTD 61, 2015 with special painting on the tail unit,
45+85 JaboG 33, 2014.

Revell 148 Panavia Tornado ASSTA 3 1 Conclusion: The Revell Tornados are a very good offer in terms of value for money. The plastic alone can play in the top league. The world of model making is now waiting relaxed for the ECR variant.

The most urgent wish of the specialist reviewers (of all model construction websites) and Tonka lovers to those responsible at Revell: finally bring an IDS variant with the “early” liveries green/green/black of the Luftwaffe (Norm 83) and the two naval aviation camouflage (grey-white of the MFG 1 and three-tone grey, standard 87) in conjunction with a turned metal pitot. Such a kit may also cost a little more.

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